Welcome Dr. Priya Ganguli

December 11, 2017


Dr. Priya Ganguli studies the transport and fate of contaminants in aquatic environments, with a focus on mercury (Hg), nutrient, and carbon cycling. After completing her MS in Earth Sciences from UC Santa Cruz, she worked on a variety of environmental remediation projects at the San Francisco Bay Water Board. She returned to UC Santa Cruz for her PhD in Earth Sciences (2008-2013), where she studied the influence of groundwater – seawater interaction on mercury toxicity and transport at the coastal margin. As a postdoctoral fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Intuition and UC Irvine, she explored mercury dynamics in coastal wetlands, as well as the drivers of mercury uptake at the base of the food web. At CSUN, Dr. Ganguli is part of the new Water Science Program. Her research program will continue to address questions regarding contaminant cycling at the land-sea margin (e.g., influence of land use and sea level rise). Additionally, she will explore the long-term effects of environmental remediation projects in both nearshore and terrestrial ecosystems (e.g., Malibu Lagoon, New Idria Mine).