CSUN's Great California ShakeOut Drill in the Daily News!

October 19, 2017

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On October 19, at 10:19 AM, the Geology Club led CSUN's Annual Great California ShakeOut Drill on the northeast Oviatt Lawn. The club and many volunteers were out in force all morning using informational boards and tables to provide safety information, engage students in educational games/activities, and raise community awareness about earthquake preparedness. Thank you to the Geology Club, the volunteers, and the faculty for doing such a wonderful job leading one of our most successful ShakeOut drills yet!


Geology Club Treasurer Karen Ramirez and Secretary Kelly Lourcey pose with Jose the firefighter.


Geology major Daniel Karpman explains the dangers of liquefaction during an earthquake.


Geology majors Andrew Barajas, Miguel Zamora Tamayo, and Melony Robinson-Williams present informational posters about earthquake hazards and safety. 


A student prepares to play the earthquake preparedness game organized by the geology club, where players have a few seconds to decide which items they will grab right after an earthquake. The more important items are worth more points, and the club kept a scoreboard displayed so players could try to beat each other's high score. 


Students were able to look up neighborhoods and addresses that they frequent to see how close they live to a fault.