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Lab Safety Training

Laboratory Safety Training

The State of California and CSUN require that all laboratory users receive mandated safety training on an annual basis. This training requirement applies to all principal investigators, graduate students, student research assistants, and other faculty and staff with lab access. The training consists of three parts: General Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), and Hazardous Waste Generator training and takes approximately 60 minutes.

Several training sessions are offered during the first several weeks of each semester. Please see the training schedule below, and use this link to sign up:

Training Schedule

  • Tuesday, September 12, at 1PM (LO1221)
  • Wednesday, September 13, at 1PM (LO1221)
  • Monday, September 18, at 11AM (LO1210)
  • Thursday, September 21, at 11AM (LO1205)
  • Tuesday, September 26, at 11AM (LO1221)
  • Tuesday, October 17, at 11AM (LO1205)
  • Thursday, November 16, at 1PM (LO1205)
  • Wednesday, December 6 at 10AM (LO1205)

If you need safety training for lab access mid-semester, contact the Department Safety Coordinator (x3573).

This training must be renewed annually.

Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training

Anyone with access to a laboratory with hydrofluoric acid also needs HF safety training. This training takes approximately 45 minutes and also must be renewed annually.

 How to Take the Lab Safety & Hazardous Waste Training

1. Contact your supervisor and the Department Safety Coordinator (Adam Brackman: to set up a time for lab training.

2. Attend Lab Safety Training!

3. Watch your email for forms to sign

Keep an eye out for an email from Adobe Sign containing your training documents. You should receive these within a few days of completing the trainings.

These need to be signed for your training to be complete.

Once these are signed and filed, you will be certified for one year, and will have to complete these steps again annually. 

Email if you have not received your forms within 3 days of successfully completing the quiz.