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Geology Graduate Student Theses


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Advocate, David1983Depositional environments of the Eocene Maniobra Formation, northeastern Orocopia Mountains, Riverside County, southern CaliforniaSquires
Ahlstrom, Martha2013Post-fire debris flow erosion in the San Gabriel Mountains: evidence from the Station Fire, 2009Heermance
Anderson, Desideria1996Paleogeography and depositional environments of the Vaqueros and Rincon Formations, Topatopa Mountains, Ventura County, CaliforniaFritsche
Anderson, Steve1992Geochemistry and petrology of the hornblende gabbro of Mount Gleason, San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, CaliforniaWeigand
Anderson, Thomas1980A geochemical study of Miocene Volcanics, Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles County, CaliforniaWeigand
Andico, Solishia2020Understanding Continental Margin Growth Through Isotopic Mapping of the Median Batholith, Fiordland, New ZealandSchwartz
Annis, David2012EBSD and Microstructural Analysis of Quartzofeldspathic Rocks from the South Mountains, Arizona: An Evaluation of Flow Laws and Crustal RheologyMiranda
Armand, Pierre1991Layered crustal velocity model and station correction analysis for the Los Angeles BasinSimila
Bailey, Claire2016 Provenance study of miocene to pliocene sand and sandstone intervals recovered on Expedition 317 in the Canterbury Basin, South Island, New Zealand Marsaglia
Bender-Whitaker, Carrie2013Holocene-Pleistocene sand provenance in the Canterbury Basin, eastern South Island, New ZealandMarsaglia
Bixler, Jonathan2023Dating the Alamo Mountain and Piru Creek Shear Zones Using U-Pb Zircon Geochronology: Insights into Late Cretaceous Tectonics in Southern CaliforniaSchwartz
Black, Lexine2015 Shear Wave Velocity Structure and Evolution of Old Oceanic Lithosphere: Constraints from Rayleigh Wave Dispersion across a Local Array of Ocean-Bottom Seismometers Weeraratne
Blake, Thomas 1981Depostional environments of the Simmler Formation in southern Cuyama Valley, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, CaliforniaFritsche
Blom, Ronald1978Spectral reflectance studies of plutonic rocks in the 0.45-2.45 Micron regionAdams
Blundell, Michael1981Depositional environments of the Vaqueros Formation in the Big Mountain area, Ventura County, CaliforniaFritsche
Bouton, Katherine1984A spectral reflectance study of the sedimentary Paleozoic rocks around Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National MonumentAdams
Brackman, Adam2022Evaluating discrepancies between bulk-rock and single mineral geochemical data in the magmatic evolution of cordilleran arc rocksSchwartz
Brand, Danielle2014Settling of metal droplets through a magma ocean and metal plume conduits during core formationWeeraratne
Brown, Virginia2022Integrating Microkinematic Crystallographic Vorticity Axis (CVA) Analysis and Geochronology to Investigate the Temporal Development of Fabric Within a Transpressional Shear Zone, New ZealandMiranda
Buritica Alvarez, Luisa2018Temporal and spatial variations in magmatism and transpressional deformation in the middle to lower-crust of a Cretaceous arc, Median Batholith, Fiordland, New ZealandSchwartz
Caceres, Carmen2005Charophyte limestone in the Miocene Barstow formation, Mud Hills, CaliforniaPedone
Cao, Aiguo1998Depositional environmnents of the Towsley Formation in the Tujunga Valley, San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, CaliforniaFritsche
Cardona, Jose2016 Constraining the most recent surface rupture on the Garnet Hill strand, San Andreas Fault, Coachella Valley, CaliforniaYule
Carrasco, Joseph2012Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Late-Pleistocene Lacustrine to Alluvial Deposits From The Waipaoa River Catchment, North Island, New ZealandMarsaglia
Carty, Kendra2020Testing the 'MASH' Hypothesis: An Investigation of Magma Chamber Geometry and Interconnectivity in the Lower Crust of a Continental Arc, Fiordland, New ZealandSchwartz
Chehal, Simarjit K.2014Estimation of permeability, porosity, and grain-size distributions across the San Andreas Fault Zone in northwest Coachella Valley, California (Riverside County)Heermance 
Chen, Xunhong1988Depositional environments and paleogeography of the lower Saugus Formation, northern San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, CaliforniaFritsche
Chong, Jeng Hann2021Strain Partitioning in the Pacific Northwest, USAEvans
Clark, Frederick1988Stratigraphic analysis of the Middle Miocene Modelo formation at Lower Piru Creek, Ventura County, CaliforniaFritsche
Clements, Brian2015 Documenting Lower-Crustal Polyphase Cooling Associated with Cretaceous Continental Breakup and Tertiary Rifting, Western Fiordland, New Zealand Schwartz
Cohen, Hannah2016Constraints on the late Miocene/Pliocene reorganization of the San Andreas fault and basin drainage systems near Tejon Pass, CA, based on stratigraphy, sedimentology, and provenance of the Hungry Valley Formation Heermance
Condon, Michael1989Stratigraphic analysis of the Hurricane Deck Formation Sierra Madre, Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaFritsche
Copeland, Jeff1992Hydrogeologic study of the upper water-bearing zone in the vicinity of the Palos Verdes landfillTabidian
Cote, Russell1991Paleontology of the "Santa Margarita" Formation on the Coalinga anticline, Fresno County, CaliforniaSquires
Custis, Kit1984Geology and dike swarms of the Homer Mountain area, San Bernardino County, CaliforniaDunne
Daniel, Lori1989Stratigraphy and depositional environments of the lower Miocene Vaqueros Formation, Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County, CaliforniaFritsche
Davis, George1998Systematic paleontology of a densely fossiliferous, upper Pliocene molluscan shell lens, 6th and Flower Streets, Los Angeles, California, with commentary on the strategic nomenclature of the "Fernando Formation"Squires
Decker, Meghann2016 Triggering mechanisms for a magmatic flare-up of the lower crust in Fiordland, New Zealand, from U-Pb zircon geochronology and O-Hf zircon geochemistry Schwartz
del Angel, Jozi2013Structural style and shortening magnitude across the Kepintage Fold and Thrust Belt in the Tian Shan Foreland, Northwest ChinaHeermance
dePaula, Lemuel2000Deposition and diagenesis of terrigenous rocks of the middle member of the Miocene Barstow Formation, Mud Hills, CaliforniaPedone
Desjarlais, Ian2018Constraining long term slip rates along the San Andreas Fault System using B4 LiDAR and Cosmogenic Beryllium-10 dating methods at Millard Canyon, San Gorgonio Pass, CaliforniaYule
DeVaughn, Alissa2005Sand and gravel provenance of the Te Arai River, Waipaoa River, and associated quaternary alluvial terrace deposits, North Island, New ZealandMarsaglia
Devlahovich, Vincent2001Miocene igneous rocks associated with the San Onofre Breccia, Santa Cruz and Santa Catalina Islands, CaliforniaWeigand
Dickey, Nathan2016Chronology and Paleoclimate of Late Pleistocene Glaciation in the Klamath Mountains,CA Heermance
Dietel, Matthew2021Linking Regional Tectonics with Microstructural Fabrics Using Electron Backscatter Diffraction and Crystallographic Vorticity Axis Analysis at the Grebe Shear Zone in
Lake Hauroko, New Zealand
Doran, Linda2014Characterizing modern stream sand to better understand reservoir sandstone provenance in the Taranaki Basin, New ZealandMarsaglia
Escobar, Lennin2014Rayleigh wave phase velocities beneath the oceanic and continental margin of the North American and Pacific plate boundaryWeeraratne
Estrada, Alfredo2023Environmental Impacts of Oil Seeps in Coastal WatershedsHauswirth
Evensen, James Jr.1997Hydrogeology of the Simi Valley hydrologic basin, Ventura County, CaliforniaTabidian
Fayez, Abdulaziz2000Aftershock study of the November 22, 1995 (Mw=7.3) Gulf of Aqabah earthquake, Midyan region, Saudi ArabiaSimila
Field, Leonore2002A geochemical and petrologic Study of Poway clasts in San Diego and the Channel Islands, CaliforniaWeigand
Flack, Michael1990Depositional environments of the Topanga Canyon Formation, central Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles County, CaliforniaFritsche
Fleck, Jenna2011Tharsis formation from density driven thermo-chemical plumes during planetary differentiationWeeraratne
Fontilea, Kristin2005A petrological and geochemical study of cretaceous siliceous rocks from the Shatsky RiseMarsaglia
Fowler, Julie1982Structural analysis of Mesozoic deformations in the Central Slate Range, eastern CaliforniaDunne
Freitag, George1989Stratigraphic analysis of the Vaqueros Formation, southeastern Cuyama Valley, CaliforniaFritsche
Furst, Bruce1982Petrology of the Alkalic Hawi volcanic series of Kohala Volcano, HawaiiWeigand
Gabauer, Samantha2016 Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Lower Arc Cooling and Metamorphism, Northern Fiordland, New ZealandSchwartz
Gabriel, Katherine2017Late Pleistocene Slip Rate for the Western Pinto Mountain Fault, Morongo Valley, Southern CaliforniaYule
Gadley, Kyle2005Petrography and correlation of cenozoic ash layers recovered on Shatsky Rise ODP Leg 198Marsaglia
Garcia, Colleen2010A hydrogeologic and water quality study along the western stream tributaries in San Fernando Valley, CaliforniaTabidian
Ghosh, Adit2021Did changes in seasonality and fire frequency cause C4 grass expansion in South America? Investigations from N.W. Argentina using geochemical proxies for climate and vegetation change.Cotton
Gomez, Carlos2019Particle-In-Cell Finite Element Models of Deformation Within and Surrounding the Bend in the San Andreas FaultWeeraratne
Gossell, Melissa1996Application of impeller flowmeter and discrete water sampling techniques for improved groundwater well constructionTabidian
Graham, Joshua2014Late Holocene glacial advances in the Klamath Mountains, northern California, determined from 10Be cosmogenic exposure dating and dendrochronologyHeermance
Green, Joseph2008Analysis of the microseismicity of the Santa Monica Mountains and associated Malibu Coast, Santa Monica-Dume, and Santa Monica Bay faultsSimila
Greenberg, Gillian2021The Importance of Amphibole in Magma Differentiation in Cordilleran Arc CrustSchwartz
Greenberg, Rebecca2010Strain localization in quartzofeldspathic mylonites: A microstructural and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) study of the South Mountains core complex, ArizonaMiranda
Griffis, Robert1987Kern knob pluton and other highly-evolved granitoids in East-central CaliforniaDunne
Gring, Michael1993Stratigraphic analysis of the Mabury Formation, Kern and Kings Counties, CaliforniaSquires
Groves, Lindsey1991Paleontology and biostratigraphy of the Plio-Pleistocene lower Saugus Formation, Santa Susana Mountains, southern CaliforniaSquires
Guzman, Nathan2010Geology and geomorphology of the intersecting Mission Creek and Banning fault strands, southern San Andreas faultYule
Hartshorn, David1980Soil geochemistry as a guide to mineralization in the Drum Mountains, Millard-Juab Counties, UtahGustafson
Hebeler, Aaron2010Middle Holocene surface rupture of the Riasi fault, Kashmir, IndiaYule
Hickey, Edward1985The geology of naturally-fractured petroleum reservoirs in the Monterey Formation, Cat Canyon area, Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaSimila
Hohn, Rachel2021Persistent Environmental Impacts from the Second Largest Mercury Mine in North America: New Idria, CAGanguli

Homan, Emily

2017Investigating causes of magmatic episodicity in the southern Coast Mountains batholith, British Columbia: insights from hafnium and oxygen isotopes in magmatic zirconCecil
Howland, Caryn L.2003Determining the depositional age of peat: implications for dating paleoearthquakes at the Burro Flats paleoseismic site near Banning, CAYule

Huerta, Brittany

2017Structure and Geomorphology of West Whitewater Hill, a Compressive Stepover between the Banning and Garnet Hill Strands of the San Andreas Fault, Whitewater, CAYule

Hufford, Lonnie

2018Strain Localization within Arc Crust: Microstructural Investigation of the Grebe Mylonite Zone in Fiordland, New ZealandMiranda
James, Dawn E.2003Sand Provenance in the Waipaoa River system, North Island, New ZealandMarsaglia
Jiao, Zunsheng1989Depositional environments and paleogeography of the Coldwater Formation, upper Sespe Creek, Ventura County, CaliforniaFritsche
Johnson, Elizabeth1983Textural and compositional sediment characteristics of the southeastern Bristol Bay continental shelf, AlaskaMolnia
Johnson, Kyle2016 Facies and depositional history of arc-related deep-marine volcaniclastic rocks in core recovered on International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 351, Philippine Sea Marsaglia
Jones, Kaitlyn2016 The geology of the Singleton anticline and along-strike change of the San Gorgonio Pass strand, San Andreas Fault from emergent thrust to anticline, near Calimesa, CA Yule
Jones, Terry1996Seismicity of the western transverse ranges of southern California: January, 1981 to January, 1995Simila
Joseph, Jeffery2016 Deformation and fabric transposition in the lower crust during extensional collapse in western Fiordland, New Zealand Miranda
Kappeler, Kristine1984Depositional environment of the Avenal Sandstone of Reef Ridge, Central CaliforniaSquires
Kear, Jordan Leigh2005Hydrogeology of the Ojai Groundwater Basin: Storativity and Confinement, Ventura County, CaliforniaTabidian
Kelsch, Kenneth1996Three-dimensional tectonostratigraphic development of the Los Angeles Basin as viewed through the Beta 3D seismic surveyFischer
Kennedy, James2017Seismic attenuation of the lithosphere and asthenosphere across the North America - Pacific Plate Boundary in Southern CaliforniaWeeraratne
Kirby, Michael1991Macropaleontology and Biostratigraphy across the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary, San Francisquito Formation, Warm Springs Mountain, Los Angeles County, southern CaliforniaSquires
Kraemer, Susanne1986Quaternary morphology, acoustic characteristics, and fan growth of the conception fan, Santa Barbara Basin, California Continental BorderlandFischer
Lafromboise, Eli2012Neotectonism of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica: Geomorphology and Earthquake Relocations Along the Nicoya Seismic GapSimila
Lamb, Richard1989Nonmarine mollusks of Pit 91, Rancho La Brea, southern California, and their paleoecologic and biogeographic implicationsSquires
Larson, Robert1995Stability of Soil on Natural SlopesAdams
Liggett, David1987Geology and geochemistry of a garnet-bearing granitoid in the Southwestern Sierra Nevada, Tulare County, CaliforniaCollins
Littleton, Shelby2023Using Carbon Isotopes, Phytoliths, and Geochemical Proxies to Constrain C4 Expansion Across Argentina in Response to Changes in Precipitation During the Late MioceneCotton
Luna, Lorena2010Stratigraphy and OSL geochronology of the Briska Palms alluvial fan, Indio, CAYule
Manz, Richard1988Groundwater flow modeling of the Ojai basin, using the USGS 3 dimensional MODFLOW modelAdams
Martin, Rod1998Optimizing the operation of marginal oil production leases in the Placerita Oil Field, Newhall, California, to fit the constraints of an associated cogeneration plantFritsche
Martinez, Christopher2018Persistence of Metal Sediments at the Core-Mantle Boundary and Implications for the Seismic Ultra-Low Velocity zoneWeeraratne
Martinez, Priscilla2022Petrography and Correlation of Volcaniclastic Intervals in the Quaternary Marine Sedimentary Succession Recovered During IODP Expedition 385 in Guaymas Basin, Gulf of CaliforniaMarsaglia
May, James1999Geochemical and petrogenic study of the Late Cretaceous Mt. Wilson intrusion and possible comagmatic plutons, San Gabriel Mountains, southern CaliforniaWeigand
McBurnett, Paul2011Paleoseismicity of the San Gorgonio Pass fault zone at Millard Canyon: Testing the likelihood of a through-going San Andreas ruptureYule
McCord, Brian2001Hydrogeochemistry and isotopic analyses of the fractured volcanic aquifer system of Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, CaliforniaTabidian
McDonald, Eric2016 Stratigraphy and Detrital Zircon Geochronology of the El Paso Mountains Permian Metasedimentary Sequence, Southern California: Constraints on Permian Paleogeography and Tectonic Models for Subduction Initiation Along the Southwestern Margin of LaurentiaCecil
McGinn, Courtney2018Effects of quartz Dauphiné twinning on strain localization in polymineralic rocks in a mid-crustal shear zone, Fiordland, New ZealandMiranda
McGuire, Kathleen2011Tracking cosmogenic 10Be in multiple grain sizes down an alluvial system in an active orogenHeermance
McKay, Hannah2011Quaternary stratigraphy and geologic evolution of Ojai and upper Ojai valleys, western Transverse Ranges, CaliforniaHeermance
McNeil, James2018Quaternary slip history of the Morongo Valley Fault, Morongo Valley, CA Yule
Miles, Jack2007Water quality and land use in western San Fernando Valley canyons and tributary streamsTabidian
Miller, Cynthia1989Characterization of the Indian Springs Formation in east-central CaliforniaDunne
Mills, Gareth1991The Structure and activity of the offshore Newport-Inglewood-Rose Canyon zone of deformationFischer

Moe, Annelisa

2017Magnetostratigraphic and stable isotopic analysis of playa-lacustrine deposits in the Qaidam Basin, China: Implications for climate-environmental changes and orbital forcing mechanisms during the Plio-Quaternary transitionHeermance
Mohammadebrahim, Ehsan2014Seismic strong motion array project (SSMAP) and September 5, 2012 (MW=7.6) earthquake in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa RicaSimila
Morrison, Lowell1982Surface sediment and seismic reflection profiling, outer Newport submarine canyon, southern California continental borderlandFischer
Muir, Stephen1981Holocene deformed sediments of the southern San Joaquin Valley, Kern County, CaliforniaFritsche
Muskat, Judd1983Geologic interpretations: Seasat- A radar images and landsat MSS images of a portion of the southern Appalachian Plateau: Virginia, Kentucky, West VirginiaAdams
Neil, Kenda2011Aquifer characteristics and hydrostratigraphy of the south Las Posas Basin, Ventura County, CaliforniaTabidian
Neameh, Majd2004Structure and petrology of the San Gabriel fault zone near the Wildwood picnic area, San Gabriel Mountains, CaliforniaYule
Nguyen, Chinh2010Study of trailing conduits in high bond number metal-silicate plumes during core formationWeeraratne
Nissanka, Uchitha2016 Formation of Intraplate Seamount Chains by Viscous Fingering Instabilities in the Asthenosphere Using Low Reynolds Number Miscible Fluids with a Moving Surface Boundary Weeraratne
Nolasco, Jasmyn2015 Use of Sedimentary Petrology and Provenance to Resolve Questions Regarding Neogene Fluvial/Lacustrine Drainage Development and Potential Marine Influence in the Southern Rim of the Amazon BasinMarsaglia
Norby, Philip1983A subsurface interpretation using three-dimensional seismic methods of a portion of the Erawan gas/condensate field, Gulf of ThailandSimila
Norgauer, Carl1996Physical and chemical controls on microfabric of recent ooids from the Great Salt Lake, UtahPedone
Nunley, Melissa2013Seismic anisotropy beneath African plateWeeraratne
Oborne, Juli1987Stratigraphy and depositional environments of the Vaqueros Formation, Central Santa Monica Mountains, CaliforniaFritsche
Oborne, Mark1983Stratigraphy of early to middle(?) Triassic marine to continental rocks, Southern Inyo Mountains, CaliforniaDunne
Ocampo, Adriana1997The Geology of Chicxulub impact ejecta in BelizeFritsche
Ogawa, Craig1989The Quaternary evolution of the Buena Vista Lagoon and the adjacent inner margin, San Diego County, CaliforniaFischer
Oldershaw, Michael1990Depositional Environments and Paleogeography of the Miocene Painted Rock Sandstone Member of the Vaqueros Formation in the southeastern Caliente Range, San Luis Obispo County, CaliforniaFritsche
Orozco, Arturo A.2004Offset of a mid-holocene alluvial fan near Banning, CA: Constraints on the slip rate of the San Bernardino strand of the San Andreas FaultYule
Pardo, Justin2020Secret nuclear meltdown? Measuring Cs-137 concentration from environmental samples to determine radiation exposure from the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Simi Valley, CaliforniaCotton
Parker, Jonathan1985Lower Paleogene geology of the Simi Valley area, Ventura County, CaliforniaSquires
Parra, Julie2010Sand provenance of Poverty Shelf, North Island, New ZealandMarsaglia
Pavia, Jennifer2009Petrography and provenance of sand temper within ceramic sherds from Carriacou, Southern Grenadines, West IndiesMarsaglia
Perri, Michael1990Stratigraphic analysis of the Branch Canyon Formation in the Sierra Madre, Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaFritsche
Persad, Liselle2021Lithostratigraphy and Depositional Model of the Guaymas Basin, Gulf of CaliforniaMarsaglia
Peshette, Paul2018Dynamic Rupture Modeling to Investigate the Role of Fault Geometry in Jumping Rupture Between Parallel-Trace Thrust FaultsLozos
Peterson, Larry1982Impact of seawater intrusion control on the liquefaction susceptibility of the coastal plain, Ventura County, CaliforniaAdams
Pitts, Brian1989The sedimentology of the upper Cretaceous Joaquin Ridge sandstone member of the Panoche Formation near Coalinga, Fresno County, CaliforniaFritsche
Popelar, Stanley1988Miocene geology of the southwestern portion of the San Rafael Wilderness, Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaFritsche
Prevost, Dana1984Geology of a transect of the Northern Argus Range CaliforniaDunne
Raftery, Peter1984Marine geology and geologic evolution of the Northern Channel Islands west of San Miguel IslandFischer
Rains, Christine2014The formation and evolution of liquid metal diapirs with trailing conduits in planetary core formation Weeraratne
Rains, Jean2009The stratigraphic and petrologic record of subduction initiation in the Permian metasedimentary succession of the El Paso Mountains, Kern County, CaliforniaMarsaglia
Ramirez, Cristo2011Study of elastic thickness from seamount loading of old oceanic lithosphere: Implications for lithosphere stabilityWeeraratne
Ramzan, Shahid2012Paleoseismic investigation of the San Gorgonio Pass fault zone near Cabazon, CaliforniaYule
Rathnayaka, Sampath2015Rayleigh wave tomography beneath the oceanic and continental margin of the North American and Pacific plate boundary Weeraratne
Regmi, Anita2007Characterization of vadose zone and assessing enhanced recharge potential in canyons and headwater areas of western San Fernando Valley, CaliforniaTabidian
Reid, Stephen1979Stratigraphic analysis of the Vaqueros Formation in the Big Mountain area, Ventura County, CaliforniaFritsche
Remsen, Walter Jr.1982Geology of San Nicolas Bank - southern California continental borderlandFritsche
Richmond, William1976Grain size, organic carbon, and trace metal distribution patterns in Mugu Lagoon, CaliforniaFischer
Riegel, Hannah2015 Environmental impacts of rapid climate change at the Pliocene-Quaternary transition in the Qaidam Basin, ChinaHeermance
Ritterbush, Linda1981Paleobiology of agnostid trilobites: functional morphology, growth, and evolutionSquires
Rivera, Kevin2010Characteristics of Miocene to Pliocene sandy units in the Hikurangi Forearc, North Island, New ZealandMarsaglia
Roush, James1983Marine geology of the western extension of the Transverse Ranges: Point Conception to Point ArguelloFischer
Roush, Kathleen1986Depositional environments of the Eocene Domengine Formation near Coalinga, Fresno County, CaliforniaFritsche
Rousseau, Nick2016 Investigation into the Episodic Behavior and Potential Causes of Jurassic Magmatism in the Northern Sierra Nevada, CaliforniaCecil
Rudat, Juhani1980Quaternary evolution and seismic stratigraphy of the San Pedro Margin, southern CaliforniaFischer
Russell, Perry1988The Point Fermin submarine fan: a small late middle Miocene Age fan within the Monterey FormationFischer
Ruttenberg, Ian2018A compositional, diagenetic, and statistical analysis of marine forearc and reararc basin volcaniclastic sandstones from upper oligocene odp leg 126 and iodp expedition 351 cores, izu-bonin-mariana arc systemMarsaglia
Sadorski, Joseph2015Time scales of continental arc root construction and deep crustal magmatic flux rates: insights from U-Pb zircon geochronology of a Triassic-Cretaceous arc, Fiordland, New Zealand Schwartz
Saenz, Joseph M.2002Geological controls of hydrocarbon seeps in Santa Maria Basin, offshore CaliforniaFischer
Sample, Bret2018 Provenance of Miocene Strata of the El Paso Basin, Southern California: Constraints on the Late Cenozoic Paleogeography of the Southern Sierra Nevada Region Cecil
Savage, Karen1996Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Conejo Volcanics, Santa Monica Mountains, CaliforniaWeigand
Schaaf, Joseph1998Hydrogeology of the Tierra Rejada Groundwater Basin, Ventura County, CaliforniaTabidian
Schmitt, Erin2021Linking submarine groundwater discharge to mercury biogeochemical cycling at the coastal marginGanguli
Schymiczek, Herman1983Benthic foraminifera and paleobathymetry of the Eocene Llajas Formation, southwestern Santa Susana Mountains, CaliforniaSquires
Sgriccia, Martha P.2003Depositional environments of the Oligocene Alegria Formation, Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaFritsche
Shapiro, Shawn A.2004Sand provenance of the Bounty Submarine Fan off the Eastern Coast of South Island, New ZealandMarsaglia
Shariff, Asghar1983Geology and paleoenvironment of the Bunker gas field, Solano County, CaliforniaFritsche
Shirley, James1995Gravitational forces and extended body responseSimila
Siegele, Paul1990Radian and Radon concentrations in Tertiary aquifers along the Texas gulf coastAdams
Smith, James1995An exercise in environmental analysis: the Earth observing systemSimila
Smith, Theresa1991Biostratigraphy of middle Tertiary rocks in Cuyama Basin, southern CaliforniaFritsche
Sotirov ,Teodor2014Rayleigh wave phase velocities and anisotropy of old oceanic lithosphere in the PacificWeeraratne
Stecheson, Mary2004Systematic paleontology of marine gastropods from the Upper Cretaceous Chatsworth formation, Simi Hills, Southern CaliforniaSquires
Sterling, Stephen1982The geology of the Inner Basin Margin, Newport Beach to Dana Point, Orange County, CaliforniaFischer


2017The rheological evolution of brittle-ductile transition rocks during the earthquake cycle: evidence for a plastic precursor to pseudotachylyte in an extensional fault system, South Mountains, ArizonaMiranda

Stone, David

2021Provenance of the Paleogene Goler Formation, Southern California, and Implications for Basin Development in the Southwestern US CordilleraCecil
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