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Dr. Kathleen Marsaglia

Student MS Theses Supervised at CSUN

Liselle Persad, M.S., 2021 CSUN
Lithostratigraphy and Depositional Model ofthe Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California
Ian Ruttenberg, M.S., 2018 CSUN
Claire Bailey, M.S., 2016 CSUN
Provenance study of Miocene to Pliocene sand and sandstone intervals recovered on Expedition 317 in the Canterbury Basin, South Island, New Zealand 
Kyle Johnson, M.S., 2016 CSUN
Facies and depositional history of arc-related, deep-marine volcaniclastic rocks in core recovered on International Ocean Discovery Program, Expedition 351, Philippine Sea
Jasmyn Nolasco, M.S., 2015, CSUN
Use of Sedimentary Petrology and Provenance to Resolve Questions Regarding Neogene Fluvial/Lacustrine Drainage Development and Potential Marine Influence in the Southern Rim of the Amazon Basin
Daniel Tentori, M.S., 2014, CSUN
Sand Compositional Changes as a Key for Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation: The Pleistocene Tiber River Deltaic Succession (Italy)
Linda Doran, M.S., 2013, CSUN
Characterizing modern stream sand to better understand reservoir sandstone provenance in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
Carrie Bender, M.S., 2013, CSUN
Holocene to Pleistocene Sand Provenance in the Canterbury Basin, South Island, New Zealand
Joe Carrasco, M.S., 2012, CSUN
Stratigraphy and sedimentology of late-Pleistocene lacustrine to alluvial deposits from the Waipaoa River catchment, North Island, New Zealand.
Julie Parra, M.S., 2010, CSUN
Sand provenance of Poverty Shelf, North Island, New Zealand
Kevin Rivera, M.S., 2010, CSUN
Characteristics of Miocene to Pliocene sandy units in the Hikurangi forearc, North Island, New Zealand
Jennifer Pavia, M.S., 2009, CSUN
Petrography and provenance of sand temper within ceramic sherds from Carriacou, Southern Grenadines, West Indies
Jean Rains M.S., 2009, CSUN
The stratigraphic and petrologic record of subduction initiation in the Permian sequence of the El Paso Mountains, Kern County, California
Alissa DeVaughn, M.S, 2005,
Sand and gravel provenance of the Te Arai River, Waipaoa River, and associated Quaternary alluvial terrace deposits, North Island, New Zealand
Kristin Fontilea (Kasen) M.S., 2005,
A petrological and geochemical study of Cretaceous siliceous rocks from the Shatsky Rise
Kyle Gadley, M.S., 2005, CSUN
Petrography and correlation of Cenozoic ash layers recovered on Shatsky Rise ODP Leg 198
Shawn Shapiro, M.S., 2004, CSUN
Sand Provenance of the Bounty Submarine Fan off the Eastern Coast of South Island, New Zealand
Dawn James, M.S., 2003, CSUN
Sand provenance in the Waipaoa River System, North Island, New Zealand