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B.S. Honors Program

This program provides an opportunity for outstanding Geology majors to gain intensive research experience under individual faculty guidance. The designation “Honors” will be added to the academic record of any student who completes the program. Admission to the Honors Program is granted by approval of the department undergraduate advisor. Students in any of the B.S. options are eligible, provided they have:

  1. Completed 90 units of college work.
  2. Maintained a GPA of 3.0 overall and in the upper division Geology major.
  3. Taken GEOL 497 and received a minimum grade of “A-” in the course.
  4. Obtained the approval of a faculty sponsor who will supervise their research.

Students interested in the Honors Program should contact their department undergraduate advisor.

Graduation with Honors in Geology Requires:

  1. Admission to the Honors Program.
  2. Completion of all requirements for one of the B.S. options, plus the completion of GEOL 498—Senior Thesis (3 units).
  3. Maintenance of a GPA of 3.0 overall and in the upper division Geology major.
  4. Approval of the undergraduate thesis by the faculty advisor, including a presentation of the research.