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Aaron Celestian

Title:  Dust and glacial retreat in Peru.

Date:  Thursday, October 27,2016

Time:  3:00pm

Room: LO 1212


Eric McDonald CSUN Master's Candidate

Title: Stratigraphy and Detrital Zircon Geochronology of the El Paso Mountains Permian Metadedimentary Sequence, Southern California:  Constraints on Permian Paleogeography and Tectonic Models for Subduction Initiation Along the Southwestern Margin of Laurentia

Date:  Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Time:  11:00am

Room:  LO 1212


Hannah Cohen CSUN Masters's Candidate

Title: Constraints of the late Miocene/Pliocene reorganization of the San Andreas fault and basin drainage systems near Tejon Pass, CA, based on stratigraphy, sedimentology, and provenance of the Hungry Valley Formation

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time:  11:00am

Room:  LO 1212


Dr. Lorence Collins CSUN Geology Emeritus Faculty

Title:  When was the Grand Conyon formed?  4,360 years ago during Noah's Flood?

Date:  Thursday, November 17, 2016

Time:  3:00pm

Room: LO 1212