Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Students working in organic chemistry lab course

Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry is designed for students who desire: a) a strong chemistry background for careers in the health field (see advisor concerning additional necessary courses); b) careers in industry, technical sales, government laboratories, patent law, library fields, etc.; c) a single subject teaching credential (Physical Sciences) under the Ryan Act. A total of 120 units is required to complete a B.A. degree with a major in Chemistry.


The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is designed to prepare students who desire: (1) to pursue graduate work in chemistry; (2) to teach chemistry in the secondary school; (3) to work in industry or government laboratories; (4) to work in the field of technical sales, hazardous materials testing and handling, chemical literature, or chemical patents. A total of 120 units is required.


The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree is designed for students who desire: a) pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy or pre-veterinary preparation; b) graduate study in biochemistry; c) careers in the life sciences that require an understanding of biological phenomena at the molecular level. A total of 120 units are required, 52 of which are upper-division.


The Minor in Chemistry