Chemistry and Biochemistry

Susan Collins

Susan Collins
(818) 677-3367
Office location:
Citrus Hall 3314



B.A., Rhode Island College, 1977
Ph.D., Florida State University, 1981


Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 1982
Max-Planck Institut fur Quantenoptik, Munich, Germany, 1984


Chemistry 101, General Chemistry I
Chemistry 101L, General Chemistry I Laboratory
Chemistry 102, General Chemistry II
Chemistry 105, Principles of Chemistry
Chemistry 351, Physical Chemistry I
Chemistry 355, Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 355L, Experimental Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 451, Modern Physical Chemistry


Physical Chemistry
Professor Collins' main research interests are in the area of low-temperature (10K) spectroscopy. The technique of matrix isolation currently is being used to study hydrogen-bonding of water complexes to molecules of biological interest with Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) and Fluorescence Spectroscopy. The ultimate goal is to be able to study hydrogen-bonded complexes at 10K in order to elucidate the number of molecules that are in the complex by correlating FTIR structural studies with the excited state potential energy surfaces as indicated by luminescence data.


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