Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry Club

2019-2020 ACS Student Chapter Commendable Award

2018-2019 ACS Student Chapter Honorable Award

2017-2018 ACS Student Chapter Green Chemistry Award

2016-2017 ACS Student Chapter Honorable Award

Since 2007 the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club has hosted various workshops and events to promote the importance of science. Our primary objective is to advance and promote science education among club members and among the CSUN community at large. To this end, we plan activities and attend several science-related events throughout the year such as museum tours, lectures, workshops / demonstrations for middle and high school students. Some of our events include Sally Ride, Expanding your Horizons, J. Paul Getty Museum laboratory tour, Los Angeles Coroner's Office laboratory tour, beach clean-ups, Earth Day, and other social events. The Chemistry & Biochemistry Club accepts a variety of non-chemistry majors such as business, psychology, biology, physics, etc. Regardless of your major or knowledge of science anybody is more than welcome to join if you are interested in furthering our promotion of science to CSUN and the greater community.

2021-2022 Club Events Planned

October 13th, 2021 - Club First Social and Breaking Science 

October 27th, 2021 - Spooky Virtual Escape Room Game Night

...others to be announced...


2021-2022 Club Officers

President - Brian Mazariegos (

Vice President - Cynthia Avedian (

Secretary - Melissa Aros (

Treasurer - Jonathan Hakimian (

Historian/Public Relations - Vanessa Estrada (

Faculty Co-Advisor - Kayla Kaiser (

Faculty Advisor - Ravi Abrol (


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