Some Biology Alumni

Current students are always wondering, "What happens after CSUN?" The answer is that life is unpredictable, and CSUN Biology majors go on to all sorts of careers. The purpose of this page is to give some examples. If you studied Biology at CSUN, fill out our FORM or drop us an email. We would like to know what you've become.

Graduated in 00s

  • Michael Bershadaky (B.S '12) is a pharmacy manager at StudioRx pharmacy. He is currently in the doctor of Pharmacy program at USC.
  • Caitlin Cameron (M.S. '11) became a coral reef technician at NOAA's Southeast Fisheries Science Center.
  • Wyndee Guzman (B.A. 06, M.S. '10) became a faculty member in the department of Life Sciences at Pierce College.
  • Joanne Moriarty (M.S. '06) became a Biological Technician at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
  • Enrique Aniceto (M.S. '06) became the lab preparer at L.A. Valley College.
  • Jacqueline L. Padilla-Gamiño (M.S. '05) became a faculty member at CSU Dominguez Hills.
  • Jacob Kerby (M.S. '03) earned his Ph.D. from UC Davis and went on to become a professor of biology at University of South Dakota.
  • Joshua Idjadi (M.S. '02) became a faculty member at Eastern Connecticut State University.
  • Kammy Algiers (B.A. '01, M.S. '04) teaches in the Department of Math and Science at Ventura College.
  • Sarah Kimball (M.S. '01) is the program coordinator of the Center for Environmental Biology at UC Irvine.
  • Jeannie Chari (M.S. '00) is associate professor of biological sciences at College of the Canyons.

Graduated in 90s

  • Steve Vollmer (MS. '99) became a faculty member at Northeastern University.
  • Suzanne Baldwin (B.A. '94, M.S. '98) went on to teach at L.A. Valley College.
  • Carla Zilberberg (B.S. '97, M.S. '01) became a professor of zoology at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.
  • Jamie M. Kneitel (M.S. '97) became a faculty member at Sacramento State after earning his Ph.D. from Florida State University.
  • Marc Meyer (M.S. '97) earned his Ph.D. from UC Davis and went on to work for the US Forest Service.
  • Ramin Razi (M.S. '97) became an independent freight forwarder.
  • Janine McMurdie (B.S. ’95, M.S. ’98) went on to work on diagnostic DNA and molecular assay development in the Medical Sciences Department at Life Technologies.
  • John Bruno (M.S. '95) became professor of biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned his Ph.D. from Brown University.
  • David Lee (M.S. '95) became vice president of quality at OsoBio.
  • Loretta Robertson (B.S. '94) is co-director of the center for renewable energy and sustainability at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras.
  • Lisa Wooninck (M.S. '92) is a fisheries biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service after earning a Ph.D. from UCSB.
  • Mark Crase (M.S. '92) earned a Ed.D. from UCLA and became director of technology infrastructure for the CSU Chancellor's Office.
  • Robert Jensen (M.S. '91) became associate director of Protein Design Labs.

Graduated in 80s

  • Ian Leslie (B.A. '87) is retired from being a process development engineer for biotechnology company.
  • Lucienne Bouvier (M.S. '87) earned an M.D. from Dartmouth and became an OB/GYN with Kaiser.
  • Stanley Liang (M.S. '86) earned a Ph.D. from Harvard U and a J.D. from Fordham U School of Law and founded a New York law firm.
  • Mina Alikani (B.A. '82, M.S. '85) earned a Ph.D. from Monash U. and became Director of Laboratories at the Center for Human Reproduction at North Shore-LIJ on Long Island.
  • Rhonda Murotake (B.A. '83) became the laboratory manager for the Life Sciences Core Education labs at UCLA.
  • R. Clayton Steiner (B.A. '80, M.S. '83) earned his M.D. from George Washington U and became a surgeon at Pinehurst Surgical in North Carolina.
  • Richard Behringer (B.A. '79, M.S. '81) earned a Ph.D. from U of South Carolina and became a professor at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Graduated in 70s

  • Paul Aunchman (B.A. '74, M.S. '79) became supervising air quality inspector with the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
  • Carol Koprowski (B.A. '77, M.S. '79) became a faculty member on the Health Sciences campus of USC.
  • Gary Toedter (B.A. '76, M.S.'78) earned a Ph.D. from UC Davis and went on to become a senior scientist and manager at Coulter Electronics.
  • Robin Hale (B.A. '75, M.S. '77) retired from Rockwell as director of special applications research.
  • Dorothy Haskett (M.S. '75) became a senior systems analyst at Arizona State University.
  • Jim Meyer (B.A. '73) became a senior scientist at Amgen.
  • Timothy Jordan (B.A. '71, M.S. '73) studied dentistry at Washington University and at USC and then established a practice in Woodland Hills.
  • Marie Roberson (B.A. '72) earned her Ph.D. from UC Davis and went on to a career in the California Department of Public Health, Genetic Disease Screening Program.
  • Wayne Shepard (B.A. '70) established a dental practice in Torrance.

Graduated in 60s

  • Thom Kaufman (B.A. '67) became Distinguished Professor of Biology at Indiana University.
  • Lawrence Newman (B.A. '65) became vice president of Kirkman Group, Inc., and its chief operating officer over technical and regulatory affairs.