When/if you take a course outside of CSUN, Admissions & Records will do their best to match that course to an equivalent course at CSUN. Most of the time, these articulations are automatic. From time to time, and especially with Biology, Math and other science courses, these articulations are not automatic and an evaluation of the course in question must be performed.

If your non-CSUN Biology courses are not correctly articulated on your CSUN Degree Progress Report, this could affect your ability to enroll in other biology courses for which that non-CSUN course is a prerequisite.

Those students entering CSUN in non-Biology majors (Kinesiology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Radiological Sciences, Public Health, Health Administration) are often referred by their major advisor to our department for an evaluation of general biology course(s) to see if they are equivalent to required biology courses at CSUN.

If your course is deemed equivalent, then your major advisor CAN AND SHOULD perform a course substitution. Biology advisors cannot perform course substitutions for non-Biology majors. Even after course substitutions are performed, it may be necessary to request a permission number to enroll in subsequent biology courses required in your major.

Please complete the following form to have your Biology course evaluated, and allow three business days for us to review your submitted materials.