Permission Numbers

CSUN Biology Advising Office

Permission Number Request Form

A Permission Number Request can be submitted if BOTH of the following conditions are met:

  1. It is 24 hours prior to or after your official enrollment appointment (registration date) that is posted in your portal AND
  2. You have officially tried to register for the class in SOLAR and were blocked or received an error message.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to copy and make a note of the exact error message you receive at the Red X as this information will be needed on the Permission Number Request form.


  • Fill out the information below carefully and accurately.
  • False or misleading statements may disqualify your request.
  • Only one permission number can be requested at a time. If you need more than one permission number, you will need to submit additional requests.
  • Please allow 1 business day for your request to be reviewed and processed. If you are requesting a permission number on a Friday, please note that we will process your request on the following Monday.
  • Permission number requests (with the exception of those listed below) are managed by the Biology Advisement Office. DO NOT email faculty or the Biology Department office.


  • Class carries “DEPT CONSENT”. Permission numbers for courses such as BIOL 490, 495, and those offered through Catalina and Tropical Semesters should be obtained from CR 5101.
  • You want to take the Anatomy Lab for Pre-Physical Therapy students. Each semester, one section of BIOL 212 requires DEPT CONSENT as it is set aside for Pre-PT students only. Please call the PT department at 818 677-2203 for a permission number for this lab.
  • Class is closed/full
  • Online/electronic Wait Lists become available in SOLAR at midnight on the day that Open/Nonrestrictive Registration begins. See the Registration Calendar for the exact date. (The waitlist does NOT work with courses that have mandatory lecture/lab corequisites.)
  • Registration HOLD. If you have a HOLD on your registration, please contact your major advisor (or the entity responsible for the hold) for help to remove the HOLD.
  • Repeat courses: Students can only enroll in courses they are repeating a couple weeks before school begins each semester. See the Registration Calendar for the exact date that repeat enrollments are allowed. Do not request a permission number for a repeated class before this enrollment date.




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