M.S. Rules and Regulations

  1. Classification: No more than 12 units of coursework can be applied to the Biology MS program prior to Classified Status. 
  2. GPA Requirements: Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B) once admitted to the program.  No grade below a B will be counted towards the Biology MS Program. 
  3. Probation and Disqualification: Students whose grades fall below a GPA of 3.0 will automatically be placed on academic probation.   Failure to increase the GPA to 3.0 or above within the subsequent semester will results in disqualification from the program. 
    1. Disqualified students may apply for reinstatement for the subsequent semester by submitting a Reinstatement Form from Admission and Records the Biology Graduate Coordinator.
    2. Students requesting reinstatement after the first semester following disqualification must submit the Reinstatement Form along with a new application to the University and to the Department before the application deadline. 
  4. Course Repeats: Courses with grades of B- or below may be repeated after submitting a Course Repeat Form available from the Biology Department Office.  Only the repeat grade will appear on the transcript.  Up to 6 units within the Biology MS Program may be repeated.
  5. Course Load: A maximum of 15 units can be taken in any one semester.  In special circumstances where more than 15 units are required, approval of the graduate coordinator is required. 
  6. Academic Leave: Students may take up to two semesters leave of absence.  Formal approval for leave is not necessary but it is important for students to contact their thesis advisor and graduate coordinator for advisement prior to going on leave.  If leave exceeds the two-semester limit then students will be required to reapply for admission to the University and to the Biology Department. 
  7. Time to Completion: Courses completed more than 7 years prior to completion of degree requirements may not be applied to the Biology MS Program.  In such cases where a course expires, students will need to demonstrate competency in current material for such courses.  Expired courses taken at CSUN will require validation by the department and may required re-examination, assignments, or courses repeats.   A maximum of nine units of expired courses may be validated to count towards the graduate program. Expired Courses taken at other institutions cannot be validated.
  8. Transfer of Coursework: Credit for graduate coursework completed at other accredited institutions, completed prior to earning a Baccalaureate Degree, or completed through CSUN’s Extension (Tseng College) may be applied to the Biology MS Program with the following limitations:
    1. Approval of the Biology Graduate Coordinator and the Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies.  A Course Substitution Form and a copy of unofficial transcripts are required for review.
    2. Only courses where a grade of B or better may be transferred. Credit/No Credit courses are not transferrable.
    3. A maximum of 9 units can be transferred
    4. Transfer courses cannot be completed more than 7 years prior to the completion of requirements for the Biology MS program.

Transfer courses may not have been used to fulfill the requirements for any previous degree.  If a transfer course was taken at another institution where a degree was granted than the student must provide a memo from that institution verifying that that course was not used in completion of that degree.