M.S. Program Requirements

The Catalog is the most definitive source of information on requirements. Please see the entry on the M.S. program in Biology.

The following requirements are for the Master of Science Degree in Biology:

Completion of a minimum of 30 units of Grade A, A-, B+ or B work in all approved courses applied toward the master's degree:

  1. Required Course (4 units): BIOL502/L Biometry (3/1) or BIOL503/L Bioinformatics (3/1) or BIOL551/L Computer Modeling in Biology (2/2). An equivalent 4-unit Upper Division course may be substituted.
  2. Seminars (12 units): BIOL691 Graduate Proseminar (3), and 9 additional units of 600-level seminar or lecture courses.
  3. Electives (2-11 units): Additional courses: Any 400-, 500- or 600-level Biology courses except BIOL 490, 495, 497EE, 499, 692, 696, 698 and 699. A maximum of 9 units of 400-level courses may be applied toward the degree. No more than 6 units from other disciplines such as Chemistry, Psychology, etc., may be counted.
  4. Biology Colloquium (1 unit): Enrollment and attendance in at least one semester of Biology Colloquium, BIOL692 (1 unit) (Credit/No Credit only).
  5. Culminating Experience (3-12 units):
    • Thesis courses: BIOL696 Directed Graduate Research (0-6 units), BIOL698 Thesis (3-6 units).
    • Oral presentation and defense of a formal proposal of thesis research by end of second semester.
    • Completion and successful oral defense of a thesis.
    • Formal approval by the thesis committee.

Total Units Required for the M.S. Degree: 31