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Ph.D. University of California, Berkley

Research Specialties

I use plants as model systems to investigate problems in development and growth. Development proceeds in an orderly sequence and is the result of genes being turned on and off in a coordinated fashion. I am interested in understanding the regulation of gene expression on a cellular and tissue level. My students study how roots growl We have focused our attention on a cluster of cells, the quiescent center, that appear to be directly involved in maintaining normal growth and function. These cells provide progenitor cells for the surrounding meristems. We would like to know if the lines of communication are altered during growth and development and how new lines are maintained. We are also working on the types of signals involved in stimulating the development of new meristems in root tissue. These studies will help us understand how normal root growth is regulated and will allow us to gain an insight into the how cells become specialized and maintain their specialization.


Representative publications

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Public Science.
I have a long history of working to promote science to lay and K-12 students:

1. Zavala, MariaElena. 1999. Plant Growth Regulators. Science On Line
3. Zavala, MariaElena. January 2000-December 2001. SACNAS President Letters to SACNAS members.
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Abstracts: 33 since 2000. The majority of them with student researchers as co-authors.


Recent Master's Students

1. Changes in cytokinins in Zea mays root tips in response to cold stress. Pauline C. Higaki. (1990).

2. Effects of cytokinins in Zea mays roots. Dale H. Mishkin. (1992).

3. The role of abscisic acid in cold stress response of Zea mays root tips. Catherine S. Randall. (1993).