Lisa Banner

Lisa Banner
Associate Professor
(818) 677-7655
Office location:
Chaparral Hall 5417



Ph.D., University of Southern California

Research Specialties

The nervous and immune systems consist of complex networks of cells that monitor signals and respond in a specific manner. It has become apparent that these systems are intimately connected and more importantly that functional bidirectional communication exists between them. This concept implies that signals are involved in this process.

Cytokines are a group of polypeptides that mediate information between cells of the peripheral immune system and the CNS. This occurs in part, because they are actively transported through the blood-brain barrier, but they are also released from many cell types within the CNS. The main question I am interested in is how do cytokines coordinate interactions between the nervous system and the immune system. One approach to address this question of coordination is to analyze the regulation of cytokines when the system is perturbed, for example, in response to stress. Stress can be achieved in a variety of ways. For my studies, adult mice are placed in a novel environment; this is a well-known model for psychological stress. Subsequently, the mice are analyzed for changes in cytokine levels. Additional lines of research include examining the pathways that link stress to the onset of pathogenesis, the roles other factors play in stimulating cytokine release in both the nervous and immune systems and the regulation of cytokines and their receptors throughout development and after injury.

Recent and Seminal Publications

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