Larry Baresi

Larry Baresi
(818) 677-3495
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Magnolia Hall 4201



D.P.H. University of California, Los Angeles

Research Specialties

I have three major research interests. The first is the continued exploration of methane producing bacteria as a unified physiological, biochemical, and genetic model system. I am also interested in isolation and identification of extremophiles for evolutionary purposes, and finally, the identification and isolation of environmentally important bacteria involved in the remediation of toxic wastes. These three groups of bacteria survive and grow in unusually "extreme" environmental habitats. Such habitats may place constraints of pH, salt, or temperature on the physiology of these organisms, forcing them to develop unique molecular solutions which may be harnessed for technological applications. I'm currently developing a genetic vector capable of transferring DNA between methanogens and other bacteria. This work includes techniques of genetic transformation, gene manipulation, gene cloning, DNA isolation and purification, and other molecular genetic techniques. My primary effort on extremophiles is the isolation, identification, enzymology, and physiology of these unique organisms. Such studies will suggest how these organisms evolved, and how these organisms might be applied to existing or new industrial processes and the problems of toxic waste remediation.

Representative Publications

Medina, P and L. Baresi.  2007.  Rapid Identification of Gelatin and Casein Hydrolysis Using TCA.  Journal of Microbial Methods 69:391-393.

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