Advisement: Registration Hold

Registration Hold

If you are seeking to have a "hold" removed so that you can register for classes, first determine the nature of the hold.

If the University placed the "hold," perhaps because you are on academic probation, have been disqualified, or have failed to pay fees, you must go to the College of Science and Math’s Student Service Center-EOP in Eucalyptus Hall 2126; Biology advisors are not authorized to remove this sort of hold. To schedule an appointment, call 818-677-4558; no walk-ins allowed.

If the "hold" was placed by the Biology Department to assure that you have received appropriate advice before registering for classes, the timing of the holds and the process for removing them varies depending on the number of units completed. Typically, freshmen and sophomores have holds and are advised in the fall semester, juniors and seniors in the spring. Following are the rules.

Freshmen (0-29 units):

The College of Science and Mathematics SSC-EOP Office (EH 2126) is responsible for removing hold for all first- and second-semester freshmen.

On the other hand, continuing freshmen (those in their 3rd or later semester) follow the rules for sophomores (see below) and must attend a workshop presented by the Biology advisors. After attending a workshop students will be considered advised and their holds will be removed. Several workshops are scheduled each fall semester; affected students will be informed via email about them.

Sophomore (30-59 units):

To have their holds removed sophomores must attend a fall-semester workshop where Biology advisors will discuss a variety of issues relevant to academic success. Workshop attendance constitutes advisement; students who attend the entire presentation will have their holds removed and be allowed to register. Several workshops are scheduled each fall semester; affected students will be informed about them via email.

Sophomores who attended a workshop as freshmen (see above) need not do so again; instead, they must make an individual appointment to talk with an advisor just as do juniors and seniors.

Juniors and seniors (60+ units):

Each spring semester, juniors and seniors will have holds placed on their records that will be removed only after an individual session with a Biology advisor (Biology Advisement Center, CR 5104). An appointment is required.


Each student is expected to come to his or her advisement session with a well-thought-out academic plan for the next year (juniors) or for the remainder of his or her academic career (seniors) already entered on their M.A.P. (My Academic Planner). Seniors who have not already filed for graduation must come prepared to do so. (If you are unfamiliar with the MAP program, check HERE for an explanation of how to access and use it.