Advisement: Probation

What is academic probation?

A student is placed on academic probation if his/her cumulative or CSUN grade point average (GPA) drops below 2.0. Once both the overall and CSUN GPAs are 2.0 or higher the student will be removed from academic probation. (Note: The Major GPA does not affect Probation Status.)

How does one get off probation?

To get off probation a student must raise his or her overall and CSUN GPAs above 2.0. This can be done by:

  • Repeating courses you have taken at CSUN in which you earned a grade of D or F. (But see below; there are limits.)
  • Obtaining higher grades (A's and B's) in new courses taken at CSUN.

What is CSUN's Repeat Policy?

  • A maximum of 16 units at CSUN may be repeated for grade forgiveness (only the newer, and presumably higher, grade is used in calculating a GPA).
  • Only courses with grades of C- or lower may be repeated.
  • Normally, only one repeat per course is permitted for grade forgiveness. (Students attempting to enroll in the same course a third time must have the approval of the Department Chair and the Associate Dean of the college offering the course; without it a student will face an administrative withdrawal from the course by the end of third week.)
  • When a course is repeated for grade forgiveness, subsequent enrollment must be on the same grading basis as the first. The higher of the two grades is used in calculating the student's GPAs, but both grades remain on the student's permanent record (transcript).
  • Grades assigned as part of a disciplinary procedure may not be replaced by repeating them.

Do all universities follow these rules?

No. The rules cited above are specifically those of CSUN; the rules of other universities may be quite different. This is of particular importance to students who expect to seek admission to graduate and professional programs—medical schools, dental schools, pharmacy schools, and the like—because admission committees at such institutions commonly calculate GPAs using ALL grades earned, both original and repeat.

What is academic disqualification?

A disqualified student may not enroll in classes. Disqualification occurs when a student's GPA falls below a critical level that varies depending on the number of units the student has completed. A student on academic probation is subject to disqualification when his or her GPA in all units attempted or in all units attempted at the campus where enrolled falls below:

1.50 For Freshman (fewer than 30 units)
1.70 For Sophomores (30-59 units)
1.85 For Juniors (60-89 units)
1.95 For Seniors (90 or more units)