Advisement: Apply For Graduation

Apply for Graduation

You must apply for graduation once you have completed 90 units (including work-in-progress) or approximately one year prior to your planned graduation date. At least one semester of work must be completed in residence at Cal State Northridge before Admissions and Records can complete a graduation evaluation. Deadlines for filing to graduate are as follows. You will find filing deadlines HERE. For more information on filing for graduation, see the University's WEBPAGE.

Failure to apply in a timely manner has consequences:

  • You will pay an additional $10 fee;
  • You will not be receive a priority registration time for your last semester, an important perk accorded students with graduating senior status;
  • Your graduation evaluation may be delayed; and
  • Your name may not be printed on the commencement ceremony program.


To file for graduation, do the following:

I. Download and complete an Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma.

  1. Download the form.
  2. Fill in the top portion only; leave portion entitled Degree Objective blank.

II. Complete your MAP (My Academic Planner) by identifying all the courses you expect to take in your last year to meet University and major requirements for your degree, then submit your plan.

  1. When done properly, all items on your MAP will be GREEN, except perhaps the UDWPE (Upper division writing proficiency exam); if the UDWPE is red, you must sign up and take the exam.
  2. If you are familiar with the MAP program, you can complete your MAP yourself on-line. (Click here for information on how to access and use your MAP.)
  3. If you need help in completing your MAP, an advisor in the Biology Advisement Center can assist you.

III. Stop by the Advisement Office when one of the faculty advisors is available, bringing with you:

  1. Your Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma, its top part filled out.
  2. A printout of your completed MAP (with everything GREEN).

IV. After a faculty advisor has reviewed your MAP and signed your Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma, take both to Bayramian Hall 150 where you must:

  1. Submit both your MAP and your Application for Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma.
  2. Pay your diploma fee at Cashier Services ($47; cash or check only).

Archival Worksheets used to File for Graduation for Second Bachelor's Students

associated with 2013-4 catalog
associated with 2010-2 catalog
B.A. (general biology)PDF
B.S. Cell & Molecular
B.S. Ecology and Evolution (Env Biol)
B.S. Microbiology
B.S. Medical Technology
B.S. Biotechnology
B.S. Marine Biology