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If you work in a department of the Division of Student Affairs, you may use the form below to request a project. All requests are reviewed by the Student Affairs eProcess+ Initiative Working Group.

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Mission support
Does this project support the mission statement of the Division of Student Affairs (selecting "No" does not invalidate your project request)?*
Describe how the project supports the mission of the Division of Student Affairs. The division’s mission statement states, “The Division of Student Affairs furthers the mission of the university by advancing student learning, enhancing personal development, encouraging social and civic responsibility, and promoting student well-being and success. We fulfill our mission by engaging individuals and communities in educationally purposeful activities, creating opportunities for access, delivering support services, and advocating for student needs and aspirations.”
Describe why the project is needed. Include any relevant information, such as current situation, customer needs, etc.
Estimate the project costs and savings. Approximate values are acceptable. If applicable, calculate return on investment.
Describe any potential issues the project might encounter. What might go wrong, both on the systems and user ends?