Policy and Procedure

Device Usage Policy / Check Out Procedures

Usage Policy

Devices are the property of the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs and managed by Student Affairs IT. The following usage policies apply to these devices:

  • If checked out overnight, devices must be secured in a locked staff member's office
  • All devices must be returned immediately after use
  • Borrowing department is responsible for replacement cost if stolen or returned damaged
  • Borrowers
    • Must be full-time staff members of Student Affairs;
    • Must receive approval from their director prior to borrowing via signature on this form. A signed copy of this document will be kept on file with the director of SAIT;
    • May send a student to pick up and drop off devices;
    • May not load apps from the app store. If a special app is needed, notify SAIT when requesting devices;
    • May not apply a passcode;
    • Are solely responsible for Student Voice assessment setup and troubleshooting;
    • Download the borrower approval form

Check Out / Check In Procedure

To ensure devices are provisioned and used in an orderly fashion, the following check out / check in procedure will be followed:

  1. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, except in the case of a division or campus priority project
  2. Every request for device check out must be submitted via the web form at: /sait/ipad-request-form
    • SAIT will verify the borrower is approved to check out devices. If borrower is NOT approved, borrower will obtain the signature of their director on this form and return it to the SAIT office at least one day prior to checkout.
    • SAIT will verify device availability and inform the borrower if the devices are available as requested.
  3. SAIT will check devices for proper operation and battery charge prior to checkout
  4. Without exception, a checkout form must be completed prior to checkout.
  5. Devices must be returned to SAIT and checked-in promptly after use
    • SAIT will check in and inspect each device immediately upon return for proper operation, lack of damage, etc.
    • Check in requires signature of both the borrower and an SAIT staff member.

Communications Policy

SAIT requires that all communications regarding device lending be directed to our service email account,  This email address is monitored by the entire SAIT team, ensuring that you will receive a timely response.

SAIT cannot guarantee a response (timely or otherwise) for inquiries made outside of the service email account.


  1. Please be sure to check the device's wireless connection prior to taking the device into the field. Wireless access is not always consistent on campus. The Student Voice app saves responses without a network connection, but your assessment must be loaded before you take it into the field.
  2. Surveys will not appear in the Student Voice app until the scheduled time. If the device is connected to the wireless network and the survey is not appearing, please check the time of the survey.