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If you’re having a technical issue or want to make a feature request for any of the SAIT-built applications, please select the application title below and submit the request.

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Using Redmine to Report an Issue

Redmine is a tool used to track bugs and make feature requests for applications built and maintained by SAIT. To use Redmine, you will need to set up an account by calling Paul Schantz, extension 3839, or sending an email to Make sure you have your CSUN user ID ready. 

Once you have an account, you can either download the Redmine tutorial or read the step-by-step process below.

To create a bug, feature, or support issue, go to and log in to Redmine with your CSUN user ID and password. Then, take note of the following instructions.

Screenshot of Redmine New issue ticket submission form.

  1. Select bug, feature, or support from the drop-down menu.
    1. Use bug to report something that is broken.
    2. Use feature to request new functionality or a design element.
    3. Use support to provide information or make a request that is neither a bug nor a feature (e.g., Add Joe Smith to the email notification list.)
  2. Enter a concise subject that is a unique summary of what you need (e.g., Add text field to capture student first name.) Try to use a verb, and do not more than one issue with the same subject. If you do, each issue will look the same to us!
  3. Enter a description and be as precise as possible, using URLs when appropriate.
  4. Select one or more employees who will be designated as watchers. Watchers will be notified by email when the case is update.
  5. Attach a file if necessary. This can be a screen shot (JPEG, GIF or PNG files) or document that helps explain what you need. If you’re attaching a very large Word document, it’s probably best to break up the document in two, and submit more than one issue.
  6. Select the “create and continue” button.