Checking out iPads and Other Devices from SAIT


This guide will walk you through from never having logged in before to checking out an iPad (or other assets). In order to check out iPads (and other assets) from SAIT you will have to log into our asset-manager application using your CSUN login (same as your portal login). You will also need to fill out a borrower approval form if you have not done so already.

Step 1

Visit the asset-manager web page at: and take a look at the calendar. This shows you how many iPads and other devices are available each day. If the assets you want to borrow are available on the days you need them, click the "Sign in" link at the top of the page.

Step 1: screenshot of Asset Manager Checkout Calendar

Step 2

After clicking the "Sign in" link, continue to log in using your CSUN login.

Step 2: screenshot of CSUN portal login page

Step 3

If you are not director approved, you will need to download the borrower approval form.

Step 3:  screenshot of director approval form

Complete and bring a physical copy of the borrower approval form to SAIT. If you are already director approved and are receiving the page above, please contact SAIT. Otherwise, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4

Once you are director approved, you will see the page below:

Step 4: screenshot of Asset Manager application once logged in

From here the link "New Reservation" will be available. Click this link to request iPads (or other assets). You can also click "Your Reservations", which will show all your previous and current device requests.

Step 5

Click on "New Reservation" and the following page will be shown:

Step 5: screenshot of how to create a new request

Step 6

On this page you will fill out all information for the devices you want to check out. Please note that you will need to select both a check out date and a check in date before selecting the number of iPads and other devices. Once both dates are selected, you will be able to choose how many iPads and other devices you would like to borrow:

Step 6: screenshot of what fields need to filled out in order to checkout Assets

If you select 5 or more iPads or other assets you will have an additional field to fill out:

Step 6: screenshot of field when you choose more than 4 Assets to check out

If any values of the form are invalid, such as choosing a Check Out Time or Check In Time outside of our work hours, you will receive an error message. After correcting error messages (if any), click "Submit".

Step 6:  screenshot of message if fields are not correctly filled in

You will receive an email confirmation of your request.

Step 6:  screenshot of message if fields are not correctly filled in

Step 7

You can view the status of your request by clicking on "Your Reservation":

Step 7:  screenshot of the active request page

Your request will display as pending until it has been approved. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email:

Step 7: image of approval confirmation email

Your status will now display:

Step 7: screenshot of approved request page