Revitalize: The Campus Care Recovery Program

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Hello, Matadors! We are excited to officially introduce CSUN’s newest wellness resource website, CSUN Revitalize: The Campus Care Recovery Program (CCRP).

CSUN Revitalize provides the CSUN community with a variety of programs, resources, and activities that foster resilience, while also creating a space to process the pandemic’s impact. Content includes comprehensive wellness resources, clinical services, and the toolkits necessary to promote and sustain wellness recovery in the wake of the pandemic for CSUN’s diverse community of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

From emotional to physical needs, the Campus Care Recovery Program provides the tools and resources necessary to support and revitalize the CSUN community. If you wish to learn more and stay up to date with our upcoming events, opt-in to receive more messages about CSUN Revitalize: The Campus Care Recovery Program.

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