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Proposed New Centers

The comment period for these two proposed new centers is now closed. 

1. Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS)

As a requirement of the NASA grant awarded to CSUN in 2019, the University establishes the AUTONOMY RESEARCH CENTER FOR STEAHM, hereafter referred to as ARCS. Such center is to be a multidisciplinary university center of excellence, combining the knowledge, experience, and talents of faculty and students from across California State University Northridge (CSUN) colleges and units, including Science (physical, social, and behavioral) (S), Technology (Technology and engineering), Entrepreneurship (E and business), Arts (Arts, media, and communications), Humanities (H) and Mathematics (M).

ARCS' vision is to be an international leader in education, research and commercialization regarding increasingly autonomous (IA) systems.

In order to achieve its vision, ARCS will use a Convergence Research model to build a multidisciplinary STEAHM workforce prepared to have major and lasting societal impacts. ARCS faculty and staff will establish a culture of excellence that will enable student success. ARCS will substantially increase CSUN institutional research capacity by supporting scholarship across campus and fostering partnerships with federal agencies, industry, non-governmental organizations, other universities and colleges, and local businesses. And, through dissemination and commercialization of innovations, ARCS will contribute significantly to basic research and use-inspired problems in current and emerging globally relevant areas.

ARCS Charter (.pdf)


2. Health Equity Research and Education (HERE) Center

The purpose of the Center, hereafter referred to as the "HERE Center", is to:

  • Build on the existing research momentum of our NIH BUILD PODER undergraduate biomedical training program.
  • Provide a shared space for research. Lilac Hall will house the HERE Center with offices and labs for cluster hires and office for the HERE administration and a biomedical student transfer office, a large workspace, a shared conference room, and a smaller meeting area.
  • To increase grant activity in the area of health equity by:
    • Developing, growing and sustaining interdisciplinary and collaborative research in health equity
    • Developing, growing and sustaining deeper engagement and collaboration with the community around health equity using Community Partnered, Participatory Research (CPPR)
    • Building on existing strengths at CSUN in interdisciplinary biomedical fields through extensive community-based research
    • Providing a focal point for biomedical research by centralizing campus training and resources for students, faculty, and community members related to health equity research and training
    • Developing Research Hubs to ensure high quality work by Center PIs and students for publication and grant proposals
    • Invigorate the research community with shared speakers, workshops, and an annual conference bringing researchers and community organizations together to problematize community health topics and to connect around community-based problems through mutual research projects
  • Disseminate research findings to community agencies and advocates, stakeholders and leaders is tailored to each constituency and that each are aware of our research findings and have a voice in commenting on our priorities, methods, and findings.

HERE Center Charter (.pdf)