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Proposal Development

All proposals for extramural support must be submitted by an Authorized Official in the Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) office.  The timeline for this process can be downloaded here.

Your stakeholders in this process include your college Dean, DFO, and Grants Officer, Department Chair, staff in RSP, and CSUN executive administration. Following the five steps outlined below will help ensure that your application is more competitive, submitted successfully, and complies with CSU and funding agency requirements. 

Step One: Create a Proposal Record in Cayuse SP

Cayuse SP maintains proposal records electronically. Records are accessible to Principal Investigators (PIs), appropriate Department Chairs, DFOs, Deans, and CSUN research administration staff. Coordination with RSP is key to a successful, on-time, error-free submission. You may begin your proposal in Cayuse SP, or contact your with questions.

Access CAYUSE using your CSUN credentials. 

See Step-by-Step Instructions for Principal Investigators for details on how to complete a proposal record in Cayuse SP. 

Step Two: Develop a Competitive Proposal

The RSP Grants & Contracts Analyst assigned to your college will follow-up to help you develop a checklist of required documents and address the following key components: 

Budget: CSUN requires that your request for funding is supported with a detailed budget showing accurate salaries, reassign time, fringe benefit rates, travel allowances, student training stipends, indirect/facilities and administrative costs, and other appropriate expenses. Your RSP Grants & Contracts Analyst will provide current rates and help you create an accurate budget. 

Narrative: Your RSP Grants & Contracts Analyst can steer you toward narrative samples. 

Protocols: If your research has human or animal subjects, your application may have additional requirements. To ensure your research is in compliance with the protection of human and animal subjects, please email, during proposal development to request information on the protocol review process. All protocols must be approved before the start of any research project and prior to expending any research funds. 

Institutional Information: Commonly requested Institutional Information is provided for your convenience. Cayuse 424 will auto-fill many of the institutional data fields for submissions through

Other Resources: Please review the Resources provided to find information on grantsmanship workshops, data management tools, agency guides, and much more. 

Step Three: Compliance Check

Documents required to ensure your proposal complies with funding agency regulations and CSU Executive Order 890 will be managed primarily in Cayuse SP. For example, questions regarding Conflict of Interest (COI), Regulatory Compliance, and Export Controls will be answered in Cayuse SP and maintained electronically. Your RSP Grants & Contracts Analyst will help you identify other required compliance documents as needed. 

Step Four: Proposal Review and Routing

All proposals will be routed electronically in Cayuse SP for authorization by all investigators and associated Department Chairs, college DFOs and Deans, and the Vice President of Administration and Finance. The routing process will originate with your RSP Grants & Contracts Analyst after you have completed the record in SP. Your College's Grants Officer can confirm your college's process for approval and provide other valuable support. All established deadlines must be honored. 

Please review the Step-by-Step Instructions for Department Approval in Cayuse SP.

Routing must be completed four business days prior to submission so that RSP can ensure your work complies with ICSUAM Section 11000. Please note that RSP cannot guarantee that late proposals will be reviewed, approved, and/or submitted before the agency deadline. 

Step Five: Proposal Submission

All proposals for extramural support must be submitted by an Authorized Official in RSP. 

Some letters of intent, interest, or inquiry (LOIs), pre-proposals, and white papers or concept papers may be submitted by the Principal Investigator. Your RSP Grants & Contracts Analyst can confirm regulations and provide assistance. 

Planning Ahead: Following submission and prior to award

Be prepared to spend your grant funds! Submit your protocols for human and animal subjects research early. Please see details on Human/Animal Subjects under Research Compliance.

Have questions about protocols? Email .

Planning Ahead: Award administration

Awards are administered jointly by RSP, pre- and post-award staff. The post-award RSP staff are housed in The University Corporation, a non-profit auxiliary of the University. The University Corporation acts as the fiscal agent, and provides post-award services such as bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll. The University Corporation offices are located in the Sierra Center Building, 3rd floor.

For more information, visit the The University Corporation, Research and Sponsored Programs website