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Large Grant Program

The entire university community stands to benefit from an increase in sponsored projects activity in general and, in specific, from an increase in the number and size of projects providing full direct and indirect cost recovery. An increase in recovered indirect costs provides the university needed discretionary revenues that may then be used to support faculty research and creative activities.

CSUN faculty need direct assistance and meaningful incentives if they are to be consistently competitive in winning fully funded grant and contract support for research and creative activities. Faculty need time if they are to compete effectively for grant or contract support with peers at "research institutions" who enjoy teaching loads 50% to 75% lighter than the standard CSU twelve hour teaching load.

In order to assist faculty in competing for extramural support, to provide an incentive for faculty to enter such competition, and to assist with the conduct of fully-funded projects, Academic Affairs will provide release time to faculty who hold extramurally funded awards, based on the following criteria, subject to the availability of funds.

Grants that generate indirect cost (F&A) per year totaling:

...will receive

$9,000 to $17,999

3 units of release time per year

$18,000 to $35,999

6 units of release time per year

$36,000 to $71,999

12 units of release time per year

$72,000 to $89,999

15 units of release time per year

$90,000 to $107,999

18 units of release time per year

$108,000 to $125,999

21 units of release time per year

$126,000 and above

24 units of release time per year


  • No one person will be given more than 18 units of large grant release time per year through application of this policy. If a single award with multiple investigators qualifies for release time, the units may be shared among the investigators.

  • F&A from concurrent awards will be accumulated to achieve the thresholds stated above.

  • Faculty holding multiple concurrent awards that generate sufficient F&A to achieve the thresholds stated above are eligible for multiple allocations of release time up to the maximum of 18 units per year.

  • Reimbursement to the College shall be at the part-time replacement rate.

  • In order to be eligible for release time, faculty must be recognized as a PI or co-PI by the funding agency. The Associate Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies must approve exceptions to this.

  • No-cost extensions will not expand eligibility and do not affect the expiration dates of the support received through this program.

  • Faculty who do not utilize release time awarded through this program may request equivalent funds be placed in an endowment account at the University Corporation. These funds are to be utilized in support of research.

  • Faculty receiving additional salary compensation from grants and contracts during the academic year may not be eligible for release time.

  • Faculty may include general statements regarding the release time provided by this program in proposal narratives to demonstrate institutional support. However, the release time should not be formally included as a cost share in a proposal budget unless the proposal guidelines explicitly require cost sharing.

  • Implementation of this program should not automatically preclude the extension of additional support in the form of additional release time, space, facilities, resource personnel, or monetary support by departments, colleges, or other campus units. 


Effective November 1, 2013