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Any individual or group wanting to operate an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on CSUN property must obtain prior written approval from the campus UAS Committee.  Any employees wanting to operate a University-owned UAS off-campus must also be cleared to do so by the UAS Committee.  This policy provides information on how to apply for approval to safely and properly operate a UAS on University property, or a University-owned UAS off-campus. 


1. Applicability. University policy requires all UAS operators to obtain permission from the campus UAS Committee prior to flying UAS on University property, and off University property for University sanctioned purposes.  This includes students, faculty, employees, visitors to the campus and contractors.  Permission to fly requires that the operator's UAV is registered with the FAA, the operator has the proper pilot certifications, and the operator has the proper approval (or waiver) for flying in the airspace above campus. All approved use of drones must be in compliance with current FAA regulations.  Proof of insurance may also be required.

2. Administration. The University’s UAS use policy is administered under the authority of the Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.  Applications for the use of UAS on campus are reviewed and approved by the campus UAS Committee, comprised of representatives from CSUN faculty, Risk Management, Campus Police and Environmental Health and Safety, in coordination with the Office of Research and Sponsored programs(ORSP).  ORSP will communicate guidance from the Chancellor’s office and relevant regulatory information and update the UAS policy as needed.  


To obtain permission to fly a UAS on University property, fill out the CSUN Unmanned Aerial System Use Application and submit it to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. When a request is approved, the UAS Committee will issue of Notice of Permission for UAS Operation to the applicant.  Applications can be found here. Complete the application, and submit the application using this form.  

Please note that approval to purchase a UAS or UAV does not constitute approval for use of a UAS or UAV.  The individual or group must complete the UAS Use Application and obtain approval prior to any use of the UAS/UAV either on or off campus.