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CSUN Competition for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (RSCA) Awards

The University Research and Grants Committee requests applications from faculty members for the annual competition for awards to support faculty research, scholarship and creative activity, interpreted broadly to mean the disciplined quest for broadening human understanding. This quest includes artistic creation and the study of moral values, as well as logical and empirical inquiry into any field appropriate to the functions of the University. Projects related to curriculum development will not be considered through this competition. Faculty are encouraged to use the activities and results from these awards to pursue external funding, if applicable, to broaden the scope of their research, scholarship and creative activities.  There will be two categories of awards: 1) mini-grant, not to exceed $5,000 or 2) 3 units of reassigned time (to be utilized during the academic year). Mini-grants may be used for student assistants, materials and supplies, travel to conduct research, and/or equipment.  The application deadline for submission to the 2019-2020 cycle of the RSCA program is Monday, February 25, 2019. Applicants must complete and submit their applications at the InfoReady website, which is accessible via this link: Sign in using your University Credentials (CSUN User ID and password).

2019-2020 Guidelines for RSCA Awards

Please see the informational 2019-20 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award video prepared by the CSUN Research & Grants Committee that includes an overview and some helpful tips for this competition.


RGS Summer Grant Program

The office of Research & Graduate Studies is pleased to announce a Call for Proposals for the 2019 Summer Grant Program.

The purpose of the Summer Grant Program is to provide seed funding intended to support faculty working to establish or extend a new area of inquiry. Preference is given to projects for which funding has not yet been received, or projects that are high-risk or unlikely to receive funding from other sources without initial validation. Successful projects will include one or more of the following aspects:

  • Establish new collaborations
  • Create cross/multi-disciplinary opportunities
  • Engage students
  • Articulate the project as a pathway toward future external funding

Previous funding not required. For those projects that have received funds, please clarify how this iteration differs from previously funded work. Funding will not exceed $3,000 per project. Funds may be used to support salaries, equipment, software, data collection, and/or supplies necessary to carry out the project. Projects may begin as early as May 15, 2019, and must be completed by December 15, 2019. Awardees will be required to participate in a project showcase in spring 2020 to share their results.

Eligibility: All CSUN faculty are welcome to apply.

Application: Deadline 5:00 pm, March 29, 2019.

The application is limited to five pages and must provide the following information:

Project Summary (1 page)

  • Title
  • Lead Investigator / Project Team
    • Identify who will serve as the Lead Investigator and provide a brief description of scholarship and/or research interests. List additional project team members (if applicable).
  • Abstract
    • Summarize the project.

Project Description (3 pages)

  • Research Strategy / Timeline
    • Describe your research strategy. Briefly review current work in the field and why this project is relevant. Provide a project timeline with key activities and deliverables.
  • Impact / Potential for Future Funding
    • Describe how this project will establish or extend your work in new directions, how it might engage students, and how it might lead to future research and/or collaborations. Identify agencies that may have previously funded this type of project (federal, state, foundation, etc.).

Financial Support (1 page)

  • Budget / Justification
    • Provide a line item budget and justify the use of funds. Awards will not exceed $3,000.
  • Current & Pending Support
    • For all current and proposed projects, please list the sponsor/agency, project title, amount requested/awarded, date requested, and the anticipated/actual project start date.

Submission: Save the document using the lead investigator's LastName_SummerGrants2019 as the document title. Submit the application as one .pdf document and email to: (not to exceed five pages). Applications are due by 5pm on Friday, March 29, 2019. Awardees will be announced on April 12, 2019.

Direct any questions regarding the Summer Grant Program to Sherrie Hixon



Strategic Funding Initiative

Coming soon!


CSU Chancellor's Office 


Faculty Technology Center


 Office of Faculty Development


Office of Community Engagement

  • Student Scholar Grant
  • Travel Support Grant
  • Service Learning Grant
  • Disciplinary Grant
  • Interdisciplinary Grant


College Research Fellowships

  • Each College awards an annual fellowship. Please check with your Dean's Office for information.