Research and Graduate Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies - Master of Science/Master of Arts

Dept Location UN 265
(818) 677-2138

Graduate Coordinator 

Gloria Roberts
(818) 677-2138

Tests Required

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) required if cumulative undergraduate GPA is below 3.0; must score at or above 50th percentile on one of the three sections.

NOTE: Interdisciplinary Studies is currently on hiatus and will not be accepting applications for the time being.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major has been developed within the University's framework to meet advanced academic needs of those individuals whose educational goals do not fit within the regularly offered degree programs. The flexibility of this program permits the assembly of a suitable group of courses designed to give the student an otherwise unattainable educational experience. Though the course work must come from at least two or more different disciplines, it is intended to be a planned and focused effort by the student toward the comprehensive understanding of a specific area of study.

The Process

A student contemplating entrance into the Interdisciplinary Studies program should have first examined the regular academic programs which seem to be associated with his or her field of interest. In many cases, such review will reveal a program which will meet the student's need quite satisfactorily. If no program presently being offered appears to fulfill the student's needs, then an Interdisciplinary Studies degree may be appropriate.

The student should submit the two part worksheet (attached) to the Office of Graduate Studies. The worksheet is to give the nature of study and to develop tentative course of study toward the degree objective. The student is to develop this course of study in consultation with an Advisory Committee. The committee must consist of at least three faculty members from at least two disciplines. When signed by three faculty/advisors, the worksheets must be returned to and approved by the Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies, Research and International Programs.

Once all documents are submitted to the appropriate departments, admissions will be determined to the program on a Conditionally Classified or Classified basis depending on status relative to the University requirements. Students accepted conditionally, should request Classified status once all prerequisites stated on the approved Graduate Evaluation form (1295) have been met. No more than twelve units of work on the formal program can be completed prior to meeting all classified criteria.

After Classified status is attained, the student should apply for graduation by filing an Application for Master's Degree and Diploma.

A student's program must have at least 21 units of which must be at the 500/600 level. Upon completion of these requirements, the master's degree with an Interdisciplinary Studies major will be awarded in conformity with University policy. During the course of study, the student will follow all University procedures and policies for graduate work as outlined in the current University catalog.

Interdisciplinary Studies Worksheet  

*Once you have obtained fully classified status and have an approved tentative program you must obtain the formal program (triplicated copy) from the Graduate Studies Office.