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Road Map Strategic Direction: Honor Our History, Aspire to a More Equitable Future

We acknowledge, embrace and teach the historical legacies of social justice efforts on our campus to honor our history and hold ourselves accountable to realizing a more equitable and just future.  We will use data to inform and help set clear measures of accountability and success indicators for advancing core values, institutional goals and priorities.


⮚     Build on historical legacies of advancing social justice by embedding our history in our everyday culture and creating equitable pathways to access education, foster awareness, and engage in professional development opportunities.

⮚     Co-create shared definitions for our core equity values for campus-wide use and implementation.

⮚     Integrate core values into our operational infrastructure to inform decision-making, operations, resource allocations, fundraising priorities, and campus culture to realize our commitment to inclusive excellence.

⮚     Cultivate an equity mindset and a care-first approach to strengthen connections between students, faculty, and staff.

⮚     Put our core values into practice through open and inclusive communication, creating space to consult and engage diverse stakeholders.

⮚     Routinely assess campus climate and utilize results to enhance campus culture, equity and inclusion efforts. 

⮚     Develop an institutional strategy for fostering a sense of belonging, improving retention and eliminating equity and opportunity gaps.