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Road Map Strategic Direction: Facilitate Holistic Student Success

We strive to ensure authentic access and timely degree progression for our students while eliminating barriers and empowering student agency across the university by elevating identity-based resources to holistically serve our students and our communities, leverage our institutional strengths, and celebrate our cultural assets.


⮚     Use an equity lens to assess current student academic retention, persistence, academic achievement and graduation outcomes and proactively review policies, processes and practices to better support students, eliminate equity gaps and ensure clear curricular pathways.

⮚     Significantly expand access to data to evaluate, invest in and scale existing student success initiatives.

⮚     Equitably provide faculty with development opportunities to develop culturally responsive and inclusive pedagogy and instructional methods and facilitate access to disaggregated student data to close racial equity gaps and improve teaching and learning outcomes

⮚     Expand capacity to offer students different modalities to earn a degree (degree on-line, in-person, or hybrid/hy-flex) and access support structures.

⮚     Expand access and remove language barriers to resources and co-curricular opportunities for students from historically underserved groups, formerly incarcerated individuals, and undocumented students. 

⮚     Leverage technology to centralize information and share academic support resources, including effective virtual services and resources to better meet student needs and enhance our capacity to serve more students.

⮚     Create a comprehensive, accessible, and personalized student success approach to address the needs of our students from basic needs to mental health, classroom pedagogy, digital equity (access to digital technologies), experiential learning (e.g., community-service learning, undergraduate research and creative activities), academic support, and co-curricular approaches to prepare them for their futures beyond CSUN.

⮚     Invest in accessible and inclusive communication processes and technologies to better engage and inform the campus community about student success resources.