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Road Map Strategic Direction: Disrupt Systemic Inequities

We seek to advance structural equity and hold ourselves accountable for defining, examining and realizing changes needed to demonstrate equity in all aspects of our CSUN community. We seek to act with urgency to develop a collective understanding of and commitment to our core JEDI values and build an equity infrastructure that aligns institutional initiatives with our values.



⮚     Center our core equity values in our communication and engagement across differences.

⮚     Engage diverse stakeholders into planning efforts to evolve our institutional culture, structures, and practices to advance equity.

⮚     Apply an equity lens to policies, practices, and programs to investigate systemic inequities, using evidence to ideate and innovate equity-centered solutions.

⮚      Proactively review disaggregated data by race and ethnicity consistently to evaluate, assess, and leverage reporting systems to promote individual and institutional accountability for advancing JEDI values, institutional goals and priorities to improve student, faculty, and staff experiences, foster belonging, and achieve equity.

⮚      Expand data functionality and analytics to explore multiple factors of intersectionality that impact equitable outcomes for students and employees.