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    Office of the Provost & Vice President

Road Map Strategic Direction: Advance Academic Excellence

We seek to advance knowledge in service of the common good by expanding inquiry and discovery through high quality teaching, research, and scholarly and creative activities that are interdisciplinary, innovative, and firmly grounded in an equity framework.                          


⮚     Continue to expand infrastructure and support for faculty and academic programs that advance excellence in teaching, research and creative endeavors.

⮚     Hire more tenure-track faculty who are dynamic and innovative teachers and scholars, and who demonstrate expertise in inclusive pedagogy and cultural competence.

⮚     Ensure equitable faculty hiring practices to increase recruitment, hiring, and retention of diverse faculty to teach and mentor a richly diverse, post-traditional student population.

⮚     Recognize and celebrate the achievements of our faculty in expanding the frontiers of knowledge and across the spectrum of the academic enterprise. 

⮚     Celebrate faculty whose inclusive pedagogy achieves positive outcomes, ensuring their approaches and techniques are widely shared.

⮚     Celebrate community cultural wealth, proactive innovation, progress, and a passion for learning for all.

⮚     Recruit and elevate the expertise of staff who are diverse, dynamic, proactive innovators, and passionate about serving a richly diverse and changing student population.

⮚     Intentionally cultivate and grow capacity to adapt equitably to changing needs, contexts, and opportunities. 

⮚     Embed the changing future of work into our academic programs, practices and co-curricular activities.

⮚     Continue to support and promote convergence and foster interdisciplinary collaborations across campus and beyond.