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Road Map to the Future: Steering Committee Minutes--March 16, 2022

 Roadmap to the Future Steering Committee Minutes

March 16, 2022  10:30 am – Noon

Attendee Members: David Dufault-Hunter, Melisa Galván, Jonathan Hay, Crist Khachikian, Gigi McGuire, Elena Miranda, Mario Ontiveros, Kaitlyn Orozco, Yazmin Peebles, Amanda Quintero, Kiana Requena, Michael Tejax, Nate Thomas, Mary Beth Walker (Chair), Jason Wang

Absent: Barrett Morris, Diane Stephens


Staff to Committee:  Hazel Kochocki, Bonnie Paller

      I.         Call to Order: 10:39am

    II.         Approval of Minutes of March 9, 2022 Meeting: approved

  III.         Welcome/Goals for Meeting

Next Steps    

  IV.         Immediate Next Steps for Subgroup

Prepare for the ’what we heard’ phase

Round Two facilitation guide

Looking for enough data to go forward

Look at questions and framing for Round Two

 V.         Round Two Facilitation Guide      (Quintero)

  1. Think about the framing power point
  2. What big ideas and themes are emerging from the data
  3. Reflect on what we are asking of participants as a vehicle for beginning to prioritize the emerging ideas
  4. Think about how to thread values through the discussion and themes
  5. Discussion of the subgroup facilitation as an example of their thought process
  6. When comments are relevant for other subgroups, they can be shared. It is important to share comments among the subgroups and share what is going to be presented.
  7. Going from the themes to drafting strategic directions. Subgroup 1 will use polling for this phase.
  8. Core values of Equity, Justice, and Inclusion are not explicitly mentioned on the CSUN website.
  9. Discussion of subgroups’ and focus groups’ reactions to definitions of EJI.
  10. Discussion of demographic categories, implications of the category of ‘other’, and its replacements.


  VI.         Breakout Group Discussions

  1. Subgroups Report Out (General Discussion)
    1. When to close surveys? Perhaps April 15. Discussion continued.
    2. Discussion: we need to understand the goal of the discussions, in particular, and the subgroups in general. What level of things is expected in May? Need clarity on what the format should look like.

How do we go between specific initiatives and the general themes we began with at the start of the project? What should the product look like in the end? The strategy should be shared across the groups.

“Here is theme X and here are some examples of it.”

UT Austin manages to walk the line. 

Listening tour themes…..Actionable items  Need anchors in the middle

Discussion of the value of deciding the emerging themes collectively. We can find the overlaps, and the overlaps may become the strategic directions.

  1. Takeaways/Action Items/Preparation for Next Meeting (Walker)

Summary of the issues will be emailed                                                                                                   

  IX.         Adjournment: 12:00pm