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(July 2022) Welcome to the Provost’s Office landing page, where you can find the latest updates on programs and activities that are at the heart of our mission at CSUN.  Key initiatives currently include the Revised Faculty Recruitment Plan, focused on best practices in equitable faculty searches; The Road Map to the Future, an inclusive strategy for the university that builds on the feedback that emerged from President Beck’s 100-day listening tour; and “Matadors Forward,” our effort to safely repopulate the campus.  Also below is the latest update on CSUN's Identity-Based Resource Centers.  Continue reading for details.


Mary Beth Walker, Ph.D.

Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs

 Update on Faculty Hiring Equity Initiative (updated July 2022)

The Equity in Faculty Hiring Toolkit is now available at this link and on the Faculty Affairs website.  CSUN is fully committed to advancing faculty diversity, and faculty searches are benefitting tremendously from new resources and processes.  

 Road Map to the Future  (updated July 2022)

The Road Map to the Future Finish Line Celebration happened on May 11, on campus and on Zoom.  The "Road Ahead" report, summarizing strategic directions and priorities for the University, was posted for public review and comment before the subsequent, refined document was released.  You may view the Road Ahead report at this link.

Matadors Forward  (updated July 2022)

LATEST UPDATE: Effective June 1, 2022, CSUN has modified campus COVID-19 protocols in order to more closely align with the current Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) requirements. Masking is now strongly recommended but not required indoors or outdoors, except in classrooms, laboratories and the University Library. In addition, effective July 1, CSUN is providing rapid tests as needed to students and employees. These kits will be mailed and should arrive in 3-5 business days.More information can be found at Matadors Forward.

Identity-Based Resource Centers (updated July 2022)

Published on January 18, 2022, the Identity-Based Resource Center Report continues to be an evolving document, engaging the CSUN community and incorporating feedback. President Beck charged Drs. Melanie Bocanegra and Freddie Sanchez to "Provide leadership as this initiative moves forward, working with a stakeholder group that will serve to provide advice, support and transparency.” 

In alignment with the Road Map to the Future and GI 2025 Equity Priorities, the Identity Based Resource Centers will move forward with recruiting members of the stakeholder (July 2022) group to: 

  • Review the report and create a list of recommendations (June & July 2022);
  • Develop focused themes & consultation plans;
  • Conceptually design models (based on the Identity-Based Resource Center Report) for student facing support services (on-going): African American & Black Diaspora Resource Center;  Latinx/a/o Resource Center; Asian Pacific Islander & Desi American (APIDA) Resource Center; Native American Resource Center; Southwest Asian & North African Resource (SWANA) Center; and Thrive Center.