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Graduate Student: Credentials

Applicants to credential programs must apply to both the university and the specific credential program. Descriptions of how to apply to the university and to the credential program are provided below. The application filing period opens October 1 for the coming fall and August 1 for the coming spring. For deadlines, please see Credential Office Program Applications.

A survey of the three major credential categories—Teaching, Specialist, and Service Credentials—is provided in the University Catalog Credentials Section along with the disclosure for Programs Leading to Licensure and Credentialing.

How to Apply

Apply to the Specific Credential Program of interest

  1. Get an overview at CSUN Credential Programs How to Apply.
  2. Review application requirements, instructions and deadlines for the program of interest at Credential Program Applications (select desired program link).
  3. Submit your credential application and all other required materials by the deadline listed for the specific credential program to which you plan to apply.

Apply to the University

  1. Complete the CSU university application for the semester of desired admission at Cal State Apply:
    • Have important documents (grades, transcripts, test scores) handy when completing the application.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If the application filing period for the individual credential program you desire is closed, do not complete a university application. Contact the Credential Office for guidance.
  2. Send us the official transcripts required for your desired program.
    • Electronic transcripts:
      • In your previous school’s transcript ordering system, choose "CSU Northridge" as the recipient. If this option is not available, use as the recipient email address. 
      • If submitting California community college transcripts, please review eTranscript California and use this convenient system.
      • Both Graduate Admissions and the Credentials Office will have access to your electronic transcripts, so no duplicates are needed.
    • Please do not send identical, duplicate electronic and paper transcripts!
    • Paper transcripts:
      • If your previous school(s) do not supply electronic transcripts, have official paper copies of your transcripts sent in unopened envelopes to:
        California State University, Northridge
        Office of the Registrar
        18111 Nordhoff Street
        Northridge, CA 91330-8207

Admission Criteria

University Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college
  2. Be in good academic standing at the last institution attended
  3. Minimum 2.5 GPA for the last 60 semester/90 quarter units attempted, independent of when a bachelor’s degree was granted. The entire semester or quarter in which the 60/90 units began will be used in this calculation. Lower-division courses or courses taken in extension (except in concurrent enrollment at CSUN at the upper-division course level) after obtaining the bachelor's degree will be EXCLUDED from the calculation.

    Note: Specific credential program GPA requirements may be higher than the university requirement.

  4. Have been granted admission to the Credential Program

Credential Requirements

The information below is presented for your convenience, but please visit CSUN Credential Program Applications and select the program of interest for details and any updates.

  1. Preliminary Teaching Programs: Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Education Specialist
    • Two recommendation forms (Education Specialists will submit disposition forms instead).
    • Self Reflection form (Education Specialist only).
    • Tuberculosis clearance must be within the past 2 years.
    • Statement of Objectives indicating career goals and plans as a teacher.
    • Verification of Basic Skills requirement (see Credential Office website for additional information).
    • Verification of Completion of Early Field Experience (within the past 5 years and in the age/specialization of the students the applicant plans to teach).
    • Valid CTC-issued credential or certificate (this differs from employment fingerprint clearance).
    • Program responsibilities acknowledgment.
    • Proof of Subject Matter Competency—See Teaching Credential section for more information (not applicable to blended programs for admission or to ECSE).
    • Additional for Interns: Passage of Basic Skills requirement, knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, bachelor’s degree, Intern Authorization for Employment form and Preservice Component form, in addition to above requirements.
    • Additional for ACT: A separate application to the ACT office, in addition to above requirements.
  2. Teacher Induction Program
    • Copy of valid Preliminary Teaching Credential
    • Verification of Employment—must be currently employed as a general education or special education teacher.
  3. Reading Literacy Leadership Specialist
    • Verification of 1 year of full-time teaching experience (3 years needed to be recommended for the Authorization).
    • Note: Substitute teaching, tutoring or other experiences in which the applicant is not the teacher of record may not be used for experience.
    • Copy of valid Teaching Credential.
  4. Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
    • Two letters of recommendation from school administrators.
    • Copy of valid California Teaching Credential with English Language Authorization or appropriate alternate credential.
    • Verification that the Basic Skills requirement has been attempted or passed.
  5. Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential
    • Valid CTC-issued credential or certificate.
    • Verification that the Basic Skills requirement has been attempted or passed.
    • Verification of admission to the Master of Science in Communication Disorders program in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, College of Health and Human Development.
  6. Pupil Personnel Services Credential: School Counseling or School Psychology
    • Valid CTC-issued credential or certificate.
    • Verification that the Basic Skills requirement has been attempted or passed.
    • Verification of departmental admission.
  7. CLAD/CTEL, Bilingual Authorization, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Resource Specialist.

After You Apply

Take the following steps to ensure the rest of your admission process goes smoothly:

  1. Set up your myNorthridge Portal and CSUN email. Locate the “Activate Your CSUN Account” acknowledgement email sent to you by Admissions and Records after you submitted your application. You should receive the email 1 or 2 days after you apply. For help, see account activation instructions.
  2. Check your application status periodically using myNorthridge Portal (login required) and review your complete and incomplete tasks in “My Checklist." Please note: The “My Checklist” pagelet will not list incomplete tasks for the credential program. Monitor your credential program application status by checking your CSUN email for communication from the CSUN Credential Office. For help with the portal, see the How-To Guides.
  3. Verify your mailing address in myNorthridge Portal. Learn how at Update Personal Information.
  4. Check often for CSUN correspondence sent to your CSUN email, by regular mail, and in myNorthridge under "My Announcements.”