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US Bank PCard Reconciliation Schedule


Cycle Start Date:June 19Cycle Start Date:Dec 19
Cycle End Date:July 18
Cycle End Date:Jan 18
Statement Print Date:July 19Statement Print Date:Jan 19
Deadline to Approve Access Online:July 24Deadline to Approve Access Online:Jan 24
Statement due to Acct Payable:July 28Statement due to Acct Payable:Jan 30
Cycle Start Date:July 19Cycle Start Date:Jan 19
Cycle End Date:Aug 18Cycle End Date:Feb 19
Statement Print Date:Aug 21
Statement Print Date:Feb 20
Deadline to Approve Access Online:Aug 25Deadline to Approve Access Online:Feb 23
Statement due to Acct Payable:Aug 31
Statement due to Acct Payable:Feb 29
Cycle Start Date:Aug 19Cycle Start Date:Feb 20
Cycle End Date:Sept 18Cycle End Date:Mar 18
Statement Print Date:Sept 19
Statement Print Date:Mar 19
Deadline to Approve Access Online:Sept 22Deadline to Approve Access Online:Mar 22
Statement due to Acct Payable:Sept 28Statement due to Acct Payable:Mar 27
Cycle Start Date:Sept 19Cycle Start Date:Mar 19 
Cycle End Date:Oct 18Cycle End Date:Apr 18
Statement Print Date:Oct 19
Statement Print Date:Apr 19
Deadline to Approve Access Online:Oct 24Deadline to Approve Access Online:Apr 24
Statement due to Acct Payable:Oct 30
Statement due to Acct Payable:Apr 30
NOVEMBER  2023MAY 2024
Cycle Start Date:Oct 19Cycle Start Date:Apr 19
Cycle End Date:Nov 20Cycle End Date:May 20
Statement Print Date:Nov 21Statement Print Date:May 21
Deadline to Approve Access Online:Nov 22Deadline to Approve Access Online:May 24
Statement due to Acct Payable:Nov 30
Statement due to Acct Payable:May 30
Cycle Start Date:Nov 21
Cycle Start Date:May 21
Cycle End Date:Dec 18Cycle End Date:June 18
Statement Print Date:Dec 19Statement Print Date:June 20
Deadline to Approve Access Online:Dec 21Deadline to Approve Access Online:June 24
Statement due to Acct Payable:Jan 3Statement due to Acct Payable:June 28
REV: 06-28-23