Procurement & Payments

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Direct Pay Transactions - All Departments


  • Accreditation fees and expenses: lodging, meals, transportation, expenses required by accreditation.
  • Advertising
  • Business meals for personnel recruitment purposes only.
  • Conference fees for students.
  • Copier overage/meter charges (only those charges which exceed the annual volume as stated on the maintenance agreement).
  • Copier parts (e.g., any parts, drum kits needed during a service call, if you have an existing copier maintenance agreement).
  • Extended Learning course registration.
  • Fees for reports or filing reports (e.g., South Coast Air Quality Management District, annual filing fee for reporting, court access record fees).
  • Guest or Special Lecturers payments to non-CSUN personnel (individuals only). Payments to companies must be processed by the requisition/purchase order process.
  • Guest or Special Lecturer related expenses; light refreshments/meals hosted by CSUN for non-personnel Guest or Special Lecturers.
  • Honorarium payment made in consideration for any speech given, article published or attendance at any public or private conference, convention, meeting, social event, meal or like gathering. Honorariums must be a lump sum amount, not a combination of an honorarium and reimbursable expense.
  • Hotel charges: for personnel recruitment purposes only.
  • Interview expenses: for personnel recruitment purposes only.
  • Medical examinations.
  • Memberships. (Payment to vendor, not reimbursement)
  • Mercury Document Imaging (office machine/equipment repair).
  • Page charges and reprint.
  • Permits and licenses (e.g., FDA chemical purchases permits. Excludes software license agreements).
  • Travel reimbursement for non-state employees.
  • University Auxiliaries: services provided by auxiliary organizations (e.g., food services, space rental, etc.).


REV: 4-19-17