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Time Conflicts (Simultaneous Enrollment)

Students are not permitted to enroll simultaneously in any two or more classes whose scheduled times overlap even by one minute. Students are advised to enroll in an alternate section of the class that does not conflict with the rest of their schedule. Please note that permission numbers do not override time conflicts.

Exceptions to this policy will be permitted only if one of the classes does not meet on a regular basis, such as an independent study, internship or lab class that permits independent lab work. Students who meet the acceptable criteria must file a completed Time Conflict Enrollment Petition (.pdf) to Admissions and Records no later than 4 pm on Friday of the fourth week of fall or spring classes.

Note these requirements:

  • Petitions will not be considered after the deadline.
  • No petition will be accepted without the signatures of the instructor and department chair for each class.
  • An approved "Extra Unit Authorization" form must accompany the Time Conflict Enrollment Petition (.pdf) if enrollment in the class will result in more than the maximum number of units allowed for the term or semester. Please see Maximum Unit Load.