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Repeating Courses

Students enrolling in a course for the first time receive priority over students wishing to repeat a course. Students may enroll in a repeated course on a space-available basis starting several weeks before fall or spring classes begin.

  • For enrollment dates, visit the Registration Calendar.
  • Beginning with the second week of fall or spring classes, permission numbers are required to add all classes.
  • For Late Registration dates and policies, visit Late Add-Drop Classes.

Repeat policies and unit limits differ for undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Students

A maximum of 16 semester units of CSUN course work in which an undergraduate student earned less than a C grade may be repeated for the purpose of excluding grades (or grade forgiveness) from the computation of a student’s overall GPA. Only the first 16 semester units repeated are eligible for grade forgiveness. All subsequent repeats will be averaged into the student’s total GPA.

After the first 16 units of repeated course work, an additional 12 semester units may be repeated for grade averaging, but not grade forgiveness. Both the original and the repeated grades shall be calculated into the student’s total GPA.

Any course taken at CSUN must be re-taken at CSUN to replace (or forgive) the previous C-, D, F, IC or WU grade within the 16-unit maximum. Any course repeated at another college will be averaged into your cumulative GPA; your previous grade will not be forgiven.

Enrolling in an individual course for the third time is generally not permitted. For exceptions, consult your academic advisor and complete the Third Repeat Approval Request Web Form.

Graduate Students

Students pursuing a graduate degree must maintain a minimum 3.0 (B) average in the formal program and the cumulative grade point average. No grade below a C can be counted in the formal program. Any grade of C- or below in the formal program must be repeated after an approved course repeat form has been filed. If the student does not receive a C or better on the second attempt, the student will be disqualified from the program. A maximum of 6 units in the formal program may be repeated at the graduate level. The repeat grade will appear on the transcript. Departments may have higher standards that take precedence over the university policy.

The “Course Repeat Form for Graduate Students” is available from the Graduate Studies Office. Also see the University Catalog graduate policy Repeat of Courses.