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Registration Periods

There are three registration periods in the fall, spring and summer terms. What you can do in each period varies.


  • By appointment only.
  • Add, drop or swap classes and change the basis of grading using the self-service registration system as soon as your enrollment appointment arrives and thereafter.
  • Wait listing for closed classes is available from the start of registration for fall, spring and, starting 2024, summer terms. The end of wait listing depends on the term:
    • Fall and spring semesters — Wait listing continues through the end of the first week of classes.
    • Summer term — Wait listing continues until access to self-service registration ends for each session.
  • Registration to repeat courses previously taken at CSUN is not permitted until Nonrestrictive Registration.

Nonrestrictive Registration

  • No appointment is necessary.
  • Online, self-service registration continues.
  • Wait listing for closed classes continues (fall, spring and summer). 
  • Repeating courses previously taken at CSUN is permitted as soon as Nonrestrictive Registration begins.

Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment

  • Begins with the first weekday of classes.
  • You may continue to add, drop, or swap classes and change the grading basis of a class online using self-service registration.
  • For fall and spring semesters, access to online self-service registration ends as follows:
    • Last day to drop courses or change grading basis online: End of the fourth week of classes, either on Friday or the following Sunday
      • When there are no holidays in the first four weeks of instruction, the last day to drop is the fourth Friday, the 20th weekday of classes.
      • When a holiday pushes the 20th weekday of classes to a Monday, the last day to drop is the Sunday just before the 20th day.
    • Last day to add courses with instructor permission: Twelfth Friday of classes
  • For state-support summer term, late registration and access to self-service registration end on the second Friday of classes for each session.
  • Formal approval is required to adjust your schedule after the deadlines above. Find dates, precautions and forms at Late Schedule Changes.

Please make every effort to finalize your schedule by the end of the fourth week of fall and spring classes, when recorded enrollments are considered official.