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Leave of Absence (Academic Leave)

Eligibility for Leave

To encourage students with satisfactory academic performance to return to CSUN following an absence, the University will automatically place qualified resident and nonresident students on a leave of absence if they:

  • were matriculated students in the semester immediately prior to the beginning of their leave of absence;
  • were in good standing (i.e., are not academically disqualified or do not have special enrollment conditions at the close of the semester); and
  • did not receive an undergraduate degree at the end of the immediately preceding regular semester or summer term at CSUN.

Eligible students who do not enroll in classes or who formally withdraw from all their classes within the first 20 days of instruction are automatically placed on leave for that semester. If they do not register in the following semester, they are granted one additional semester of leave. Students will receive registration information online for three semesters of non-attendance, provided they meet the criteria above. New and returning students in their first semester are not placed on academic leave in this situation (see below).

Permission for Leave of Absence

  • International Students: Foreign students with J or F visas who meet the criteria above are eligible for leave, but they must request the prior approval of their international student advisor in the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) and apply for a leave of absence.
  • Undergraduate Students: No formal approval is required, but you are strongly encouraged to contact your academic advisor.
  • Graduate Students: Though no formal approval is required, you are encouraged to seek academic advisement from your graduate coordinator.

When Leave Expires, Reapply for Admission

  • Continuing students who are placed on leave but do not enroll in the third semester (i.e., after the two semesters of leave) will need to reapply for admission to the University, including appropriate fees.
  • New and returning students who do not enroll or who formally withdraw on or before the 20th day of instruction in their first semester are not placed on academic leave and must file a new application with appropriate fees.
  • Graduate students who miss two or more semesters must meet all University and department requirements in effect at the time they reapply and can expect to have their academic program reviewed and modified if necessary.

Students must apply for readmission to the University during the next available application filing period.

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