Process Repository

Final Exam Schedules and Archive

Scheduling final examinations efficiently within the available resources of time and classroom space can present challenges.

Before Fall 2009, fall and spring final exams were scheduled according to a generally accepted, prescribed pattern based on class meeting days and start times. Without a data-based, systematic overview, however, it was difficult to identify where time and room conflicts might occur during final exams week.

In Fall 2009 with the move to the new class meeting hour format (no more MWF classes), the process of scheduling final exams was integrated into the SOLAR Schedule of Classes. The new MW or TuTh standard meeting times made it possible to synchronize exam assignments with scheduled class sections.

Then as now, the integrated Final Exam Scheduler automatically assigns a final exam room, date, and time to most, but not all, class sections in SOLAR for the fall and spring semesters. (There is no automated exam scheduling in summer or winter terms.)

Final Exam Scheduler Advantages

  • The automated process assigns the same room to the final exam as the room in which the class is regularly scheduled.
  • Students can view their entire final exam schedule in the CSUN Portal and the SOLAR Student Center.
  • The final exam schedule displays on each department and faculty class roster.
  • The final exam schedule is more consistent and predictable, making it easier to identify possible conflicts.

How the Exam Scheduler Works

Final exams are assigned to classes through an automated process twice a semester as follows:

  • The first scheduler job runs the Saturday before Nonrestrictive Registration begins. Please see date in the Registration Calendar.
  • The second job runs the Saturday after Census (i.e., the 20th day of instruction).

Specific dates exam scheduler dates are available in the Schedule of Classes build instructions for each fall and spring semester. Please contact your college SOLAR coordinator for details.

Printable Final Exam Charts

Faculty planning their schedules, syllabi, etc., before final exams are assigned to classes may find the most recent final exam grids helpful:

Below is a reference list of current and past final exam schedules available in digital form. For years prior to those listed here, please contact the Schedule of Classes Administrator at