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Course Requisites

Course requisites are the requirements that students need to satisfy when enrolling in a particular class section. A course requisite often requires students to enroll in another related class, but a requisite can also be a “condition” such as attaining a certain class level, a specific exam score, a specified passing grade, etc.

Requisites are stated in the course descriptions of the University Catalog. To view requisites in Class Search, look up the class section and select the “Detail” link. Any requisites will display under “Course Information” and “Notes.”

Four common course requisites are explained below:

  1. A prerequisite must be completed or met before enrolling in a course. CSUN courses in which students are currently enrolled (i.e., work in progress) at the time of registration will satisfy prerequisite requirements. Transfer work in progress at another institution will NOT satisfy prerequisite requirements.
  2. A co-requisite requires concurrent enrollment in another associated course (usually a lecture or graded lab). The registration system will prompt you to add all co-requisite courses before finishing your enrollment request. Be sure to check “Class Notes” to see if concurrent enrollment in a specific class section number is required. For registration steps, see the guide Add Classes.
  3. A multiple component course is a graded lecture class that has a required, non-graded, zero-unit lab or discussion (usually applies only to selected Chemistry classes). No matter which component you enroll in first, SOLAR will prompt you to add the corresponding lecture, lab and/or discussion classes also.
  4. A preparatory course or condition is recommended to be completed or met prior to enrollment in another course. The registration system will not block enrollment if the preparatory course/condition is not met. Consult with the academic department for more information.

If, after reviewing the resources above, you experience difficulty enrolling in a course with requisites, contact your academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar.