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CSUN strives to create a network of CSUN students, faculty and staff who are visible supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals, as well as anyone dealing with sexual orientation or gender identity issues.

To help facilitate presentations, please submit a completed request a minimum of 14 days prior the desired date.

The Pride Center offers a wide range of workshops on varying identities and topics, such as:

1. Pride Center Overview: A workshop detailing the mission, vision and programs within the Pride Center.

2. Foundations of Gender and Sexuality: This workshop discusses how we are socialized into ideas of sex, sexual orientation, gender and gender expression. The workshop aims to increase awareness of student, faculty, staff and community members on topics and issues pertaining to the LGBTQIA+ community at CSUN. Through this training, people can become better equipped to support individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions within our current socio-historic-political contexts. Participants will have the opportunity to examine their own socialization and beliefs, raise awareness of others in our community, begin the process of critiquing paradigms and systems that are harmful to LGBTQ+ people and pledge a commitment to enhancing access, equity and inclusion of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression through an intersectional lens.

3. Trans 101: This workshop includes a brief explanation of the socialization of the ideas of sex, gender, sexual orientation and gender expression. This training focuses on providing context to trans student experiences within our current socio-historic-political contexts. The goal of this training is to better understand the needs and experiences of the transgender community to commit to enhancing access, equity, justice and inclusion for transgender people.

4. LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity: This workshop will promote understanding, awareness and inclusivity within organizations.

5. Other: Our presentations can be modified to accommodate your needs. Please have an accurate and detailed description of your presentation and allow sufficient time for your request to be processed by our presenters. 

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