Pride Center

  • Peer Mentors at the Pride Center

Peer Mentor Program

The LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentors are CSUN students just like you (not counselors) who want to help you throughout your journey here at CSUN. They offer support, encouragement and resources as you explore your personal and academic interests and find your own sense of community and identity.

You are in safe and caring hands. The LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentors have received over 20 hours of training in the following topics:

  • Communication/mentoring skills
  • Coming out
  • Internalized homophobia
  • Intersections of race, gender and sexuality
  • Bisexuality/pansexuality
  • Transgender awareness
  • Suicide and risk assessment

Commonly asked questions:

What does a LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor do?

Why be a mentee?

To meet with a peer who has shared a similar experience as you and learn about resources available on campus and in the community. Connect with other students and programs on campus!

What might a mentee discuss with a Peer Mentor?

  • “Coming out” to friends and family
  • Issues of gender and gender identity
  • Experiences or challenges faced at CSUN
  • Resources available on campus and in the community
  • Academic and emotional concerns
  • Anything else the mentee would like to discuss