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LGBTQ from A to Z (CSUN Ally Project)

The CSUN Ally Project strives to create a network of CSUN students, faculty and staff who are visible supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals, as well as anyone dealing with sexual orientation or gender identity issues.

Allies don’t have to be experts, just someone who cares about the LGBTQ community. Allies offer support to LGBTQ and questioning students by respecting them, listening to their concerns and helping them access campus resources.

“LGBTQ from A to Z” are presentations that provide insight and answers about the LGBTQ community to CSUN students, faculty and staff while also working to create allies across the campus. After attending a “LGBTQ from A to Z” presentation, those interested in becoming allies will receive a sticker or button to show their support.

“LGBTQ from A to Z” two-hour interactive workshops include the following topics: LGBTQ terminology, coming out, gender identity, how to be an ally and Pride Center resources. Our presentations can be modified to accommodate your needs. We are happy to present in classes, department meetings and club/organization meetings.

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